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Loners #6 preview

As if to confirm the issue is ready for its new November 21st release date, Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive 4-page preview of Loners #6.

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Shipping Updates for November ’07

Diamond Comics Distributors, the company that distributes Marvel’s comic books to most comic book shops in North America, has issued a notice on schedule changes. Several New Warriors-related comics have been delayed.

  • Avengers: The Initiative #7, recently rescheduled for November 7th, has been pushed back a week. It will now be in stores on November 14th. The issue was originally solicited for an October release.
  • Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1, originally targeted for a November 7th release, has been pushed back two weeks and is now slated for a November 21st release.
  • Loners #6, which was recently moved to November 7th, is now scheduled to arrive on November 21st. The issue was originally solicited for release on September 26th.
  • Avengers: The Initiative – Basic Training Vol. 1 Premiere Hardcover has been pushed back to November 28th.
  • Civil War Script Book trade paperback has also been pushed to November 28th.

For up-to-date release schedules, see the New Warriors Message Board or

Roundtable Review: New Warriors v4 #5

The Conundrum’s Roundtable Review panel discusses New Warriors #5. The mysterious Flank kicks it off this time, followed by fellow longtime New Warriors fans Jeremy, Corey and James. For a rundown of our panel of reviewers, check out the first Roundtable Review. To find out how this issue held up, read on…!

And be sure to post your own review in the Comments section and let us know if you agree or disagree with our assessments.

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Spider-Man #51 – back-up story

Appearance info:

Spider-Man #51
“Who Am I?” The Double Part Three

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Amazing Spider-Man #394 – back-up story

Appearance info:

Amazing Spider-Man #394
“No Escape” The Double Part Two

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Web of Spider-Man #117 – back-up story

Appearance info:

Web of Spider-Man #117
“Born Again!” The Double Part One

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Iron Man + Power Pack = Sumerak

CBR News wraps up its week-long look at Iron Man by interviewing writer Marc Sumerak about next month’s Iron Man & Power Pack mini-series. There is also a 3-page preview of the issue.

Some excerpts:

“We try to build each of the ‘Power Pack’ limited series so that it can stand alone,” Sumerak explained. “We want readers to be able to come in fresh and completely understand what is happening without too much continuity to catch up on. But as always, if you do go back and read the entire run, there may be a few nods to things that came before!”

“We’ve got a lot of action packed into these four issues!” Sumerak said. “From giant robots attacking New York to an all-out attack by Iron Man’s entire arsenal! There’s not going to be a whole lot of room for anyone to catch their breath. As with most of our ‘Power Pack’ limiteds, we start out with a few stand alone stories. Those will contain some plot threads that will weave together for the big series finale, which will be a two-part story in issues #3-4. Should be a real fun ride!

“Tony and the kids will be facing off against Ultimo, Speed Demon, Blizzard, Titanium Man, an entire army of Iron Man armors, a few mystery baddies… and maybe even each other before all is said and done!”

“We try to find a good balance between the Powers’ lives as super heroes and their lives as normal kids,” Sumerak explained. “It makes them a lot more interesting and relatable when they still have everyday problems to solve once the fighting is over. So expect to see all kinds of cool side stories in this series… including Julie’s campaign for class president against the meanest (and richest) girl at school, Irena Crumb!”

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Nova action figure in January

The Nova Prime Page reported yesterday that the Nova action figure from Hasbro is currently scheduled for a January 2008 release as part of their Marvel Legends Series 4 line, priced at $14.99 each. The line was originally announced this past summer at the San Diego Comic-Con International with an intended December release.

The figure can currently be pre-ordered through Diamond Comics’ November catalog.

Scarlet Spider history lesson has posted an article on the various characters who have taken the mantle of the Scarlet Spider, starting with the late Ben Reilly and running through to the current trio seen in the pages of Avengers: The Initiative. The article also includes a look at five pages of issue #7 by artist Stefano Caselli.

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Nova in uncharted territory has posted an article about next month’s Nova #8 with comments from writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning. The article also includes pages from the issue by guest-artist Wellington Alves.

Some excerpts:

“The action takes place on Knowhere, which is just about the wildest location in the universe,” reveals Lanning. “It’s an extra-dimensional meeting place that’s built inside…well, you’ll just have to read it to find out!”

“The Luminals are the premiere defenders of the planet Xarth, their equivalent of the Avengers,” explains Abnett. “They’ve defended their world for a long time against threats every bit as big as Earth’s supervillains. They never back down from a fight, as Nova is about to find out.”

“[Cosmo]’s kind of the law in these parts,” notes Lanning. “He likes to keep things running smooth and peaceful. Cosmo has a certain number of unusual features about him. He’ll be your best friend.”

Read the full article. has also posted a preview of What If? Annihilation by writer David Hine and artists Mico Suayan and Rafael Kayanan.

September 2007 Sales Figures

Last month’s estimates on sales figures have come in. With its fourth issue New Warriors volume 4 barely tips below 40,000. The decline is showing signs of slowing, but it’s just a little too much. I was expecting it to get into the 30K range in another issue or so. We’re still good, but it would be nice if the book started leveling off.

Avengers: The Initiative took another surprising hit this month for its sixth issue, shedding about 10,000 copies. It might be the title leveling off now that the previous tie-in banners of World War Hulk and The Initiative are gone. There could be a few readers not showing up for the fill-in artist. The book is still in the Top 20, just barely, and moving nearly 75,000 copies, so its far from panic time, but some stabilizing would be nice.

Nova drops a little on its third tie-in issue to the Annihilation: Conquest event. The book now sits at just under 37,000, around the same level as the third issue of the Annihilation: Nova mini-series. If the parallel holds up, next issue should be around 35,000 but I suspect it will be less than that, as the Annihilation: Conquest lead-in mini-series haven’t been selling as well as the original Annihilation lead-in mini-series.

Spinning off of the ongoing Thunderbolts, which was late and didn’t ship in September, the Penance: Relentless mini-series debuts at just over 30,000 copies. The Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures one-shot performed better in July with a little over 40,000 copies. It could be the lack of the Thunderbolts brand on the cover, although Civil War was rather prominently splashed across the top. It could also be the lack of Warren Ellis’ name in the credits. Or could just be that there aren’t as many people interested in a solo Penance series. Still, it did okay and certainly performed better than a solo Speedball mini-series probably would have done a year ago. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have any numbers on how the original Speedball series sold back in 1988 and 1989, although given the general differences in the strength of the industry it most likely did better. Still, it would be interesting to compare.

Loners #5 is released a month late and finally levels off. Unfortunately it’s leveled off at 15,500 readers, which isn’t nearly enough to support an on-going series. Although, I suspect hopes for that were abandoned at least two or three months ago. There’s still hope for the characters. Some or all of them are supposed to show up in this winter’s Marvel Holiday Special and a second Loners mini-series pitch is supposedly in the works by writer C.B. Cebulski. With any luck, the trade paperback that comes out in December will make up for the lackluster sales here.

Finally, Fantastic Four & Power Pack #3 brings up the back with standard sales for the All-Ages Power Pack mini-series. As usual, the real money is made in the digest-sized collections at book stores and other outlets. So while there is a very gradual and slight decline, it’s probably not much of a concern at all. It would be nice to see the recently announced Power Pack: Day One mini-series, after next month’s Iron Man & Power Pack mini-series wraps up in February, bump things back up a little bit.

September 2007
19 Avengers: The Initiative #6 – $2.99 – 74,161
52 New Warriors #4 – $2.99 – 39,985
60 Nova #6 – $2.99 – 36,967
77 Penance: Relentless #1 – $2.99 – 30,444
127 Loners #5 – 15,556
216 Fantastic Four & Power Pack #3 – 5,398

Click here for the updated listing of Sales Estimates figures dating back to 1996 and more information on what the numbers mean.

Top 100 Lists Should Be Good

CBR blog Comics Should Be Good has revealed the final 5 in their Top 100 Marvel Characters list. A few New Warriors have made the list. Links go to batches of 5.

27. Nova (222 points/6 first place votes) (tied w/Namor the Sub-Mariner)
63. Robbie Baldwin (103 votes total/2 first place votes – 73 votes for Speedball, 21 votes for Penance & 9 votes for Robbie Baldwin)
77. Jubilee (74 points/3 first place votes)
96. Firestar (57 points)

Nova temp Alves on issue 8

Newsarama spoke with artist Wellington Alves on his fill-in stint of Nova #8. The interview includes several pages of the issue, which gives a glimpse at the new characters and environments that will be introduced in this story arc.

Of Alves, writer Dan Abnett said, “Wellington is a great find! His huge talent is evident from the first page onwards, and its great to see how he’s visualized the new settings and characters we’ve thrown at him for this Nova story. A star on the rise, no doubt about that.”

From Alves:

“I really love medieval and sci-fi stories – and I love this Nova arc, mostly because there’s so much that I can create and give form: aliens, spaceships, outer worlds.”

I hooked with Nova[‘s] visual. I really want to get him as realistically as possible; a hero doesn’t have to be only a muscle pack. The reader is much more demanding these days. They need something they can relate to.

Read the full interview.

Pic problems

Some images are temporarily down due to technical problems at Photobucket. It seems to only be the Power Pack images for yesterday’s exclusive interview. Of course! Anyway, I’m told it could be a few more hours until the problem is resolved. Sorry for the disruption.

UPDATE: Looks like they’re back.

Power Pack: Day One

Power Pack art by Gurihiru (not from Day One)Yesterday rumors came of a Year One look at Power Pack by the same creative team as the recently concluded Fantastic Four & Power Pack mini-series, writer Fred Van Lente and art studio Gurihiru. Today, the NWCC has received confirmation. Power Pack: Day One by Van Lente and Gurihiru will debut in March as a 4-issue mini-series.

(Note: The image to the right by Gurihiru is not from Power Pack: Day One.)

The title Power Pack: Day One is a play on the familiar Year One term utilized by DC Comics when depicting the origins and early days of its heroes. “A full year is practically a lifetime for kids that young,” joked Van Lente.

Looking back to the original material by Louise Simonson and June Brigman, Van Lente felt it was time new Power Pack fans had their own origin story. “It’s just something I felt should be done, retelling the Simonson & Brigman origin for this new generation of PP fans, and in the ‘new continuity’ of the All-Ages version– That’s why I pitched it.” Continue reading