August 2007 Sales Figures

Estimate sales figures for comics released in August 2007 have been released.

New Warriors volume 4 continues to find its leveling off point with the third issue. While it can’t exactly be considered a breakout hit like volume 1, it’s still in healthy territory, sales-wise. New Warriors #3 sold over 42,000 copies, down from last month’s nearly 46,000. It could end up settling in the mid- to high-30,000 range, which is typically still acceptable for Marvel in the current market. When it dips into the 20,000 range, it’s time to worry.

Avengers: The Initiative took a somewhat surprising dip in its fifth month, shedding around 8,000 readers. North American retailers ordered over 86,000 copies, as opposed to last month’s nearly 95,000. Despite this, it only dropped one position in the Top 300 chart ranking, another indicator of how misleading those numbers can be from month to month. Despite the dip, which could be a fluke, the book is the healthiest New Warriors-related book, and among the most well-received among fans.

Thunderbolts returns after last month’s hiatus, and loses even more readers than The Initiative. Perhaps last month’s one-shot stop-gap Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures soured or misled some to the title or its direction. Or perhaps some left the title after the close of the first story-arc in June. Or maybe it’s the same ordering fluke that hurt The Initiative. Either way, while dropping from nearly 65,000 for issue #115 to 52,500 for #116 is a little startling, it’s still a successful title and certainly worth the critical acclaim.

Nova firmly digs into its Annihilation: Conquest numbers. The book, easily the flagship title and best-seller for the related Conquest books, barely dropped at all from last month, which is pretty rare. The book is definitely doing well and certainly has healthy word-of-mouth buzz. So far, however, the book has had the help of other events, like The Initiative and Conquest, pushing interest. The real challenge will be maintaining these numbers after Conquest and with the upcoming artist change.

Loners didn’t ship in July for its fifth issue, and has been pushed back to the end of this month for the final issue.

Fantastic Four & Power Pack #2 took the traditional second-issue dip, a couple hundred copies less than the second issue from the previous Power Pack mini-series. If this title was relying on monthly sales, it would’ve been canceled with the first mini-series. Fortunately, the industry now includes a very healthy book market that is more receptive to material that doesn’t always do well in the direct market. The sales of the digest-sized collections of the Power Pack mini-series are what allows new mini-series to be made, so the monthly sales are almost irrelevant.

August 2007
14 Avengers: Initiative #5 – $2.99 – 86,530
42 Thunderbolts #116 – $2.99 – 52,500
64 New Warriors #3 – $2.99 – 42,657
72 Nova #5 – $2.99 – 39,540
234 Fantastic Four & Power Pack #2 – $2.99 – 5,749

Click here for the updated listing of Sales Estimates figures dating back to 1996 and more information on what the numbers mean.


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