Malin fill-in artist for NW 7-8, Midnight’s Fire returns

CBR News spoke with Joe Malin, the fill-in artist for New Warriors volume 4 #7 & 8. The interview includes a first look at the cover of #8, which reveals the return of Midnight’s Fire. Three pages of Malin’s penciled pages for issue #7 are also shown.

From the interview:

“I did 12 fill-in pages in my first book (Cable & Deadpool #42) a few months back, so doing two full fill-in issues here was the next positive step in my career. But with it being New Warriors, I was excited to do something with them. I had about the first 20 issues when I was a kid. I actually pitched a NW project a few years back but it was shot down as they planned to relaunch them as a reality TV show concept. My version was much darker and had all the original NW’s so it was not what they wanted to do at the time, clearly.”

“I actually got to design the physical source of Jono’s sonic power, it’ll be in issue #7. I hope they show it a lot in future books, Jono is a great character, probably becoming my favorite and I’d love to see a reflection of my handy work down the line as the character grows.”

Read the full interview.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

2 thoughts on “Malin fill-in artist for NW 7-8, Midnight’s Fire returns”

  1. Wheres the Midnight’s Fire character page?

    Considering his importance to Night Thrasher, Chord, Silhouette, and Tai… not to mention his membership in the pre-Warriors team with Sil and Thrash (which i guess was never formally named) he really deserves a page by now….

    Of course, maybe he already does, if one of my theories plays out for the mystery new characters…

    DH the Lurker

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