New Additions: Penance #1-2, New Warriors #5, Nova #7, Initiative #6

New Comics have been added to the Conundrum over the last week: Penance: Relentless #1 & 2, Avengers: The Initiative #6, New Warriors #5, and Nova #7.

Plenty of New Warriors-related appearances in all of them. Click through for more details on each issue. But beware: there be spoilers!

Penance: Relentless has begun. Already two issues have been released. Robbie Baldwin has begun a quest to hunt down Nitro. Robbie appears in about 19 pages of the first issue and 14 pages of the second issue. Much of the issue focuses on other characters’ perspectives and them trying to figure out what Robbie is doing, so it might seem like he appears less. But he is the star of the book, and much of it focuses on him. Is it worth picking up? If you enjoyed Robbie’s transformation into Penance in the pages of Civil War: Front Line and the Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures one-shot, you’ll probably like this. If you’re waiting for Robbie to go back to being the bouncing bundle of energy called Speedball, it’s not happening here. At least, it doesn’t seem to be. But it is nice to see Robbie following up on the super-villain that killed his friends.

A note about where this mini-series fits in. For now, I’m putting it before the start of the second Thunderbolts story-arc. As future issues of both titles are released, this could change their placement. So consider it’s exact placement in the Volume 4 section tentative for now.

Avengers: The Initiative #6 was a big New Warriors-themed issue. Someone severely battered the Initiative’s drill instructor the Gauntlet and spray-painted “NW” on him as a warning. Naturally, anyone on the grounds with previous New Warriors ties is detained for investigation, which brings Justice, Rage, Slapstick, Ultragirl and Debrii into the limelight. Most get a good focus at some point during the issue and appear in about 7 pages. Debrii doesn’t speak at all and only appears on 4 pages. Definitely a good issue that references several past New Warriors elements.

New Warriors volume 4 #5 concludes the team’s battle with Zodiac and ends with a classic Night Thrasher moment. He appears on 9 pages. Sofia appears on 11 pages (12 if you count a photograph of her on the front page of a newspaper) and makes a crucial decision. Phaser appears on 9 pages and has quite an emotional issue. Blackwing & Tempest have 8 pages each. Wondra has 7 pages (8 if you count the newspaper picture). Ripcord has 6 pages. Decibel has 5 pages and speaks a bit more this issue. Skybolt appears on 4 pages. Longstrike‘s body appears on 1 page.

Longstrike is called Christine by her brother Phaser and referred to as Tattoo by Skybolt, who is in turn called Vin by Decibel. Popular consensus seems to be that Longstrike was Tattoo from New X-Men. If this is true, Phaser is most likely Radian (despite apparently never being referred to as her brother) and Skybolt is possibly Redneck. I have updated their individual pages to reflect this information. There is a chance this is not correct, so their pages may be dramatically revised in the future if these speculations are revealed incorrect.

Nova volume 5 #6 is the final issue of the Annihilation: Conquest tie-in story-arc. Nova fights to regains control of his consciousness from the Phalanx. The issue ends setting up the next story-arc. Definitely a good issue to see more of how the WorldMind and Nova Corps work. There’s also a cameo by Nova Prime Page webmaster Doug Smith as a member of the Nova Corps. That seems to be worth the price of admission alone.

That’s it for this batch. Keep checking back for our next Roundtable Review of New Warriors #5, and also take a moment to read Jeremy’s excellent Page-by-Page Review if you haven’t already.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

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