Iron Man + Power Pack = Sumerak

CBR News wraps up its week-long look at Iron Man by interviewing writer Marc Sumerak about next month’s Iron Man & Power Pack mini-series. There is also a 3-page preview of the issue.

Some excerpts:

“We try to build each of the ‘Power Pack’ limited series so that it can stand alone,” Sumerak explained. “We want readers to be able to come in fresh and completely understand what is happening without too much continuity to catch up on. But as always, if you do go back and read the entire run, there may be a few nods to things that came before!”

“We’ve got a lot of action packed into these four issues!” Sumerak said. “From giant robots attacking New York to an all-out attack by Iron Man’s entire arsenal! There’s not going to be a whole lot of room for anyone to catch their breath. As with most of our ‘Power Pack’ limiteds, we start out with a few stand alone stories. Those will contain some plot threads that will weave together for the big series finale, which will be a two-part story in issues #3-4. Should be a real fun ride!

“Tony and the kids will be facing off against Ultimo, Speed Demon, Blizzard, Titanium Man, an entire army of Iron Man armors, a few mystery baddies… and maybe even each other before all is said and done!”

“We try to find a good balance between the Powers’ lives as super heroes and their lives as normal kids,” Sumerak explained. “It makes them a lot more interesting and relatable when they still have everyday problems to solve once the fighting is over. So expect to see all kinds of cool side stories in this series… including Julie’s campaign for class president against the meanest (and richest) girl at school, Irena Crumb!”

Read the full interview.


Author: Corey Blake

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