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Sumerak teases future Power Pack mini

During an interview about the Marvel Adventures line, writer Marc Sumerak mentioned that he would be returning to the all-ages Power Pack with another team-up mini-series following Fred Van Lente’s Power Pack: Day One mini-series, which debuts in March after Sumerak’s current Iron Man & Power Pack mini-series.

From the interview:

Well, the first issue of Iron Man & Power Pack is on-sale now. This new series sees the Power kids teaming up with Iron Man for four action-packed issues that will have them facing off against Ultimo, Blizzard, Speed Demon, the Ghost, Titanium Man… and even each other! It’s gonna be a pretty wild ride from start to finish! I’m working with artist Marcelo DiChiara on this one, and every page he’s turned in has been absolutely gorgeous. Wait ’til you see him tackle an army of Iron Men in issues #3-#4!

After that, I hand off the reins to our good friend Fred Van Lente for four-issues. And right after his issues wrap up, I’ll be back on board with a brand new series featuring a super-cool (and not-yet-revealed) team-up! So there’s plenty of Pack to come!

Full interview.


Real-life Justice helps out homeless

Photo by Susan Biddle, Washington PostThe Washington Post today reported on a local team of super-heroes in Washington, DC, helping out for the holidays. One of them, Jasmine Modoor, goes by the name Justice (no apparent connection to Vance Astrovik).

Of course, they don’t have any actual powers, but they do donate their time for various community service activities as the Capital City Super Squad. Two of the members, Justice (at right in the accompanying Washington Post photo by Susan Biddle) and Captain Prospect (center), spent several hours on Thanksgiving yesterday passing out home-cooked food to the homeless. A third member, Nice Ninja, was stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it.

Modoor is in her first year at Howard University’s law school, and hopes to practice law as a social engineer instead of becoming a “parasite”. If she did have powers, and could choose, she would have foresight (presumably, the ability to see into the future).

From the article:

Last summer, Modoor was planning her move to the District for school and browsing Craigslist for furniture when she stumbled on a notice from Captain Prospect calling for volunteers.

“I thought it was a very unique way to approach community service,” Justice said.

Unique is certainly one way to put it. But also inspirational.

Read the full article.

Nova the Storytelling Engine

Over at CBR’s blog Comics Should Be Good, John Seavey examines the status quo of Nova in his Storytelling Engine column. The write-up would probably be more impressive if he had spelled Rich Rider’s last name correctly.

Read the full blog post.

New Warriors-related comics for February ’08

Marvel solicitations for February 2008 have been released. Not as big of a month as in months past, but still plenty to check out. The next New Warriors story arc begins with Sofia on her first mission. The first Nova Annual is released. A death in the Avengers: The Initiative cast! The conclusion of Iron Man & Power Pack. Plus another Thunderbolts one-shot, Cloak in House of M: Avengers, Ultimate Firestar meets Magneto in Ultimate Spider-Man, and the beginning of a hardcover series collecting and updating Official Handbook profiles from 2004 to the present!

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Spectacular Spider-Man #217

Appearance info:

Spectacular Spider-Man #217
“The Burial” The Double Part Four

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Amazing Spider-Man #151

Appearance info:

Amazing Spider-Man #151
“Skirmish Beneath the Streets!”

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Amazing Spider-Man #149

Appearance info:

Amazing Spider-Man #149
“Even If I Live, I Die!”

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New Marvel Digital Comics

Marvel Comics yesterday unveiled their Digital Comics Unlimited program, an ambitious initiative that makes available over 2,500 of Marvel’s comic books for online reading. The service costs about $10 a month (less if you pay in one annual payment).

250 of the titles are available for free as previews, including:

  • Avengers and Power Pack Assemble!
  • Jubilee
  • Marvel Knights
  • New Warriors (volume 3)
  • New X-Men (Academy X series)
  • Power Pack (2005 mini-series)
  • Speedball
  • Spider-Man and Power Pack
  • X-Men and Power Pack
  • plus various issues guest-starring various New Warriors

New titles will be added each week, some from new releases (6 months after their physical publication) and some from back issues.

Read this article from Newsarama for more information, including Marvel’s press release and the USA Today article that broke the news.

Cloak & Dagger challenge

Unfortunately, we missed it by a day, but Cloak & Dagger were featured in a sketch-off between artists Jim Lee and Francis Manapul over at WildStorm’s Gelatometti blog.

Each week or so two artists face off at the Gelatometti to draw the same characters. Reader votes determine the winner of the round, and the sketches are then auctioned off to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of First Amendment rights for members of the comic book community. Jim Lee is known for his work on Marvel Comics’ X-Men and co-founding Image Comics as well as the WildStorm imprint at DC Comics, and more recently for providing pencils for Jeph Loeb’s Hush storyline in Batman, Brian Azzerello’s For Tomorrow story in Superman, and the current All-Star Batman with Frank Miller at DC Comics. This round’s challenger Francis Manapul gained attention as Top Cow’s regular artist on Witchblade as well as the creator-owned Iron and the Maiden at Aspen Comics, and will be handling Legion of Super-Heroes for writer Jim Shooter’s long-awaited return to the DC title.

See the sketches side-by-side here.

See the results here, as well as a closer look at Jim Lee’s sketch colored by JJ Kirby (DV8 for WildStorm, X-Babies for Marvel) seen above.

Slott on the dark side of Slapstick

In a new interview with CBR News, writer Dan Slott addressed the surprise ending of Avengers: The Initiative #6.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying things on the Net like ‘Slapstick would never do that!’ or ‘How dare you suck all the fun out of Marvel Comics. You’ve made Slapstick into another Penance.’

“I’m like, ‘Have you read the Slapstick miniseries?’ In issue #1, the whole reason Steve Harmon is in trouble at the beginning is because he sent a dead body to the faculty dinner at his school. In issue #2 he’s growing fangs and scaring the living heck out of small children by chasing them and saying he’s out to suck their blood. A few pages later he’s swallowing live ammunition, not rubber bullets, live .45 caliber rounds and using his cartoon powers to spit them at the villain of the story. He didn’t kill him but he is shooting at him in a crowded mall with women and children everywhere!

“Also for people who don’t know Slapstick, there was an issue where he thought he could get the girl of his dreams as Slapstick,” Slott continued. “He goes and he saves her and she’s totally enamored with him and it’s the first time as Slapstick that he looks down his pants. He then realizes, as Slapstick, he’s a cartoon and he doesn’t have any junk! So you’re Slapstick. You don’t have junk and you’ve been trapped on a military base surrounded by hot superhero chicks. I mean come on! This is a nut that’s ready to crack. Everyone has these rosy images of Slapstick but go back and read the original miniseries.”

The article also has a look at several pages from both Avengers: The Initiative #7 and Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1, both on sale this month.

Read the full interview.

Debrii is Somebody’s Favorite

CBR’s Comics Should Be Good blog is following up their Top 100 Characters lists with quick looks at characters that didn’t quite make the grade, but made the top of one single person’s list. Today’s pick is Debrii. She got 10 votes, among them 1 first place vote from Jeff Ramirez. Why so much love for Debrii? Ramirez explains:

She keeps it real with the look of an every person, and the trash-talking rock-the-talk honesty of someone who knows the streets and uses that knowledge to protect others.

For more of Ramirez’s reasoning and a nice rundown of Debrii’s history so far, read the full article.

Happy 80th Birthday, Steve Ditko! Here’s a biography

Today is the 80th birthday of Speedball co-creator Steve Ditko. Oh yeah, and he created or co-created a few other characters like Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Sandman, Lizard, Scorpion, Vulture, Electro, Dormammu, Squirrel Girl, The Question, The Creeper, Hawk & Dove, Captain Atom, Shade the Changing Man, Mr. A, and lots of other memorable characters for publishers like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Charlton Comics and others.

To celebrate, Fantagraphics Books has announced plans to publish Blake Bell’s Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko, a 220-page full-color biography on the artist, his life and his work. The book is scheduled for a June 2008 release.

Read the full announcement.

Rosemann talks Annihilation: Conquest

Newsarama spoke with editor Bill Rosemann about Annihilation: Conquest. Some talk about Nova but nothing really new. More and more, it’s sounding like Nova will not appear in the mini-series, which begins next week.

Read the interview.