Real-life Justice helps out homeless

Photo by Susan Biddle, Washington PostThe Washington Post today reported on a local team of super-heroes in Washington, DC, helping out for the holidays. One of them, Jasmine Modoor, goes by the name Justice (no apparent connection to Vance Astrovik).

Of course, they don’t have any actual powers, but they do donate their time for various community service activities as the Capital City Super Squad. Two of the members, Justice (at right in the accompanying Washington Post photo by Susan Biddle) and Captain Prospect (center), spent several hours on Thanksgiving yesterday passing out home-cooked food to the homeless. A third member, Nice Ninja, was stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it.

Modoor is in her first year at Howard University’s law school, and hopes to practice law as a social engineer instead of becoming a “parasite”. If she did have powers, and could choose, she would have foresight (presumably, the ability to see into the future).

From the article:

Last summer, Modoor was planning her move to the District for school and browsing Craigslist for furniture when she stumbled on a notice from Captain Prospect calling for volunteers.

“I thought it was a very unique way to approach community service,” Justice said.

Unique is certainly one way to put it. But also inspirational.

Read the full article.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

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