Sumerak teases future Power Pack mini

During an interview about the Marvel Adventures line, writer Marc Sumerak mentioned that he would be returning to the all-ages Power Pack with another team-up mini-series following Fred Van Lente’s Power Pack: Day One mini-series, which debuts in March after Sumerak’s current Iron Man & Power Pack mini-series.

From the interview:

Well, the first issue of Iron Man & Power Pack is on-sale now. This new series sees the Power kids teaming up with Iron Man for four action-packed issues that will have them facing off against Ultimo, Blizzard, Speed Demon, the Ghost, Titanium Man… and even each other! It’s gonna be a pretty wild ride from start to finish! I’m working with artist Marcelo DiChiara on this one, and every page he’s turned in has been absolutely gorgeous. Wait ’til you see him tackle an army of Iron Men in issues #3-#4!

After that, I hand off the reins to our good friend Fred Van Lente for four-issues. And right after his issues wrap up, I’ll be back on board with a brand new series featuring a super-cool (and not-yet-revealed) team-up! So there’s plenty of Pack to come!

Full interview.


Author: Corey Blake

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