Pelletier & Maleev added to Nova team

Newsarama has posted an article revealing the new cover and interior artists for Nova. Beginning with issue #11, Paul Pelletier will begin his run as regular interior pencil artist, along with Alex Maleev, who will provide painted cover art. No word yet on the inker and colorist.

Pelletier is in the midst of a run on Fantastic Four with writer Dwayne McDuffie, and has previously worked on Exiles, She-Hulk, and G.L.A. for Marvel, Flash, Superboy and the Ravers, Green Lantern, and Outsiders for DC, and Negation for CrossGen. He has been working in the industry since the late 1980s with his run on the Ex-Mutants from Malibu.

Maleev is probably best known for his memorable run on Daredevil with writer Brian Michael Bendis. The two have reunited for the current HALO: Uprising mini-series. He has also worked on Sam & Twitch for Image and The Crow: Flesh & Blood for Kitchen Sink.

A preview of Nova #11, as well as the solicitation blurb, is included.

Read the full article.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

One thought on “Pelletier & Maleev added to Nova team”

  1. This is great news- Paul has been one of my favorites since NEGATION, and I think he’ll be a great fit for Nova. As a lukewarm fan of Rich at best in the old days, I must say it’s terribly unexpected to find myself eagerly awaiting each issue of this series!

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