October 2007 Sales Figures

Doing a bit of catching up, the estimates for October’s sales figures were released late last month. Let’s dig in and see how the New Warriors-related comics are selling in the direct market of comic book retail stores.

New Warriors volume 4 #5 lost another 3,000 readers, which is more or less consistent with the title’s decline since issue #2. An estimated 37,000 readers are keeping the book in the top 100 of Diamond’s charts. It would be nice to slow that decline just a bit more but over all things remain fairly decent. It’s still vastly out-selling the last New Warriors mini-series, which admittedly was geared to a difference audience, and is also doing at least 10,000 copies better than New Warriors volume 2.

The monthly Thunderbolts series returned for issue #117, part two of the second story arc after a no-show in September and July (although July had a one-shot to serve as a stop-gap). Readers could be feeling a loss of momentum or dissatisfaction with the storyline, as 5,000 readers left after #116. Fortunately, the book is still in the top 50 and selling nearly 50,000 copies, certainly a great place to be in today’s market.

Nova #7 concludes the Annihilation: Conquest tie-in story arc. As I semi-predicted, the issue sold around 35,000 copies, almost exactly in line with the fourth and final Annihilation: Nova issue. As mentioned before, the estimates for issue #8, the first issue to not tie into something else, should reveal a lot about how much of the book’s readers are on-board because of the event, and how many are there because they’re enjoying the stories.

The second Penance: Relentless issue mini-series drops from just over 30,000 to about 24,000 copies. Not too bad for a second issue drop, but not really impressive numbers in general. The mini-series will probably end below the 20,000 mark, which is entering the danger zone for Marvel comics.

Finally, Fantastic Four & Power Pack #4 concludes with just over 5,000 readers. This is an all-time low for the series of All-Ages Power Pack mini-series. However, the digest-sized collections sold at book stores and other outlets typically make up for the traditionally low sales of the singles, so this may not even matter. November’s numbers should go back up for it anyway due to another new #1, as Iron Man & Power Pack begins.

No Avengers: The Initiative or Loners this month, but they returned in November.

October 2007
49 Thunderbolts #117 – $2.99 – 47,101
62 New Warriors #5 – $2.99 – 36,898
69 Nova #7 – $2.99 – 34,840
107 Penance: Relentless #2 – $2.99 – 24,321
254 Fantastic Four & Power Pack #4 – $2.99 – 5,147

Click here for the updated listing of Sales Estimates figures dating back to 1996 and more information on what the numbers mean.


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