Page-by-Page: New Warriors #6

New Warriors Volume 4, Issue 6
A Penagain Page-by-Page Review
(C)2007, Jeremiah Lee Schwennen

How it Works:
To appreciate this review, you’ll need to have the issue in question in front of you. I’ll be commenting on the ENTIRE issue, cover to cover, including ads. The commentary will range from witty to insightful, and from inane to annoying. All-in-all, it will take you less time to enjoy and/or loathe it than it took me to write it, so consider yourself lucky! This is our third page-by-page in our new and EXCLUSIVE home at the New Warriors Continuity Conundrum! Stop in and say something!

New Warriors Volume 4 Issue 6, Defiant (Part Six) was released December 12th, 2007. It was written by Kevin Grevioux, with art by Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, and Marte Gracia.

The last Klein cover that was (clearly) designed before he had a chance to see any of Medina’s pencils. I like the imagery here (and have always been happy with Klein’s covers) but I have to say, sitting on the newsstand, this cover STRONGLY implies that this is a final issue, and that’s not a good thing.

Say good bye to Blackwing’s hair and Thrash’s shoulder pads folks, because after this cover, they’ve been corrected! See, someone IS reading this column!

For those counting, if we had a shadow number in the corner box, it would be 97.

Didn’t see the movie (but wanted to) and not much of a video game guy, but still… looks fun. For the record, in a world where everyone must choose between ninjas and pirates, I have always and will always choose Vikings.

Standard fare. Sorry, kids, sometimes Grampa Pen can’t come up with anything witty to say.

Our supporting cast (not the Diner Cast and not the Cop Cast, but our ACTUAL supporting cast, gets some more face time, and guess what, it is now possible to stop hating Grace’s dialogue form previous issues. She’s ALWAYS that way, and she’s that way ON PURPOSE. It’s sooooo much better than the homeless folks who talk like that ON ACCIDENT.

Medina must hate it when a script page calls for Murderworld as a setting, because he does quite a bit more background work in that place than anywhere else the book has gone so far.

On a positive note, characterization begins to rear its head here for what may be (for Skybolt and Ripcord) the very first time. And as of the bottom panel, the jury is still out on who the cutest New New Warrior is. Stay tuned for updates as the issue progresses.

Chamber, I mean Decibel, has a bit of a Night Thrasher ID hint in his panel here. “You’ve lost teammates before, but you came back to build this squad.” Don’t you SEE!?!? Clearly he knows the same thing I’ve been saying all along, Thrash is KLAW!

What? Oh, you wanted something germane to the page? Thrash attempts to buy off the team to get the disbanding to stick. That’s kind of ANOYINGLY Dwayne like. If my Klaw theory didn’t hold so much water, I’d be forced to concede that there’s a possibility that Thrash is really Dwayne Taylor. Thank goodness for the Klaw Theory.

Sofia in those bandages (and with that dialogue) doesn’t appear to be Sofia at all any more. She could be ANY FEMALE CHARACTER IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE. Maybe she’s a skrull.

The Diner Cast is on this page. It is dead to me. Um… who is the girl with glasses? If she has previous appearances, I blotted her out with the power of self hypnosis.

These ads never discuss the possibility that the person using drugs may, in fact, chose to hate you indiscriminately rather than accept the help you are being instructed to offer. Just a spoonful of reality to go with the gallon of delusion here, folks. Enjoy the show.

HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the Diner Cast. Hmm. Diner Cast= DC. Hmmmm. Clever social commentary?

Image Inducers are a handy way of pretending Wondra isn’t a Skrull.

[For those keeping track, I have now decided Ripcord is next to die and Wondra and Sofia are skrulls. Keep that in mind as future issues release to prove me right]

The only video game that could appeal to me any less than this one is that Playboy Mansion one. *sigh* Sadly, I expect my brother to ask for this for his birthday. Extra sadly, I expect to end up getting it for him.

Ooooh, that’s why he’s a cop. He so cleverly deduces that Black Panther is a sly one. Wow!

I applaud the use on this page and the next of alternating panel design. It was a fault last issue.

Where do Bev’s glasses go between panels 4 and 5?

Well, I have only to assume that the cops are just as disappointed by the ending of World War Hulk as I was. Oh, what’s that? You mean that DVD wasn’t a pirated copy of WWH? But what else could elicit such shock and dismay???

We’ve been LATERed again, that’s twice in three pages. Things are really moving along now that our team is disbanded…

The cop dialogue has climbed down a few notches here. The scoops line is… well, painful. Maybe it’s a new form of interrogation by dialogue torture?

Ben Urich (star of Frontline) has given in to our cops. That’s just going to encourage to keep acting like this! Bad Ben!

Unlike many people, I liked this movie (and the dance scene DOESN’T kill it for me) so the DVD makes me happy.

How can one page do SO LITTLE?

How many of you out there believe Tony is funding the Warriors? Well, to his knowledge anyway? Anyone?

I don’t buy it, and if these two geniuses do, I hope they get demoted to meter maids.

I harbor a secret love of this game after seeing it look all spiffy at a demo a few months back. I’m weak against new gadgets and card games. Combine the two for maximum weakness.

Are we STILL with Sykes and Givens? Sigh.

Credit where it’s due, this is the single best page of cop dialogue the series has seen to date. Medina’s facial work is consistently getting more expressive as well.

WWE Action Figures? If they don’t come with steel chairs, what’s the point?

Generally intrigued by this game, but the fact I just realized PROWELR is in it means I will have to look into things more closely. I like Prowler.

Kill her, prove me right! *ahem* Ripcord is pretty agile. I wonder who she really is.

Herowatch is mentioned again. I look forward to learning more about them. Barry looks so sad! And Phaser’s still reeling form his sister’s death (which makes sense considering it was mere hours ago). A surprising amount of work is done by dialogue on this page, and for that I am pleased.

Barry and Angel just mentioned the kids! Continuity, we have a foothold! Sure they don’t ACT like Angel and Beak, but I’m not going to hold that against anyone right now, because I disliked those characters and so far I have nothing in the hate column against Tempest and Blackwing.

Skybolt is growing on me… maybe Barry isn’t the biggest piece of the cuteness pie here?

I think this is the first time Arcade’s face has appeared in the series. I wonder how many newish comic readers out there are completely stumped as to who the heck Arcade is. I haven’t seen him in a comic in a while. Quite a while.

Apparently Jono says Mate every time he talks so we know he’s British.

If Jubilee teleported Sofia in, would that have messed her up even more? Seems kinda rude.

Sofia’s dialogue is AWFUL. It kinda goes without saying, but here I am saying it anyway.

I want Thrash to spin around, blast her in her GOOD eye with a sonic cannon, and cackle about vibranium. *wish*

That’s… just disturbing. I mean, really—jump rope?

Sofia’s magical and unsubstantiated bout of empathy for the team (her new family? Based on what exactly?) has been criticized by many others. I shall simply say, at least she mentions some of her personal history that’s been largely neglected. Maybe if, during the big tears, she would have lapsed into old-school Sofia speak… that would have been powerful, for me. As it is, I just think she’s spoiled 🙂

If I had foolishly spent a whole paycheck on a PS3… I would want this game. *be strong*

But not this one.

Jubilee’s top dialogue balloon invalidates whatever genuine emotion I felt following Sofia’s previous two pages of lines. When you tell me something is real, I automatically disbelieve you.

**CONFIRMATION OF WONDER GLOVES!** Praise be to the Wizard!

I am really curious about this “Turbo Suit” Wondra mentions…

Ok. For one brief moment, Grace feels like a real character to me.

Hey, I could play that on my computer… but then I wouldn’t have time to write these things for the MILLIONS of people out there waiting, would I…

Christian’s face is… well rendered. That’s a terrific shot, Mr. Medina.

Is the whole House of M thing public knowledge? Like, the name of it and all?

RIPCORD IS STACY X??? Now I feel GREAT about putting her at the top of my deathpool! Stacy X was… the worst X-Man ever. Worse than Maggot. Yes, I went there. (Now that I talk cool, will Grace like me?)

Vin is a cutie with his hat on.

At the end of this page, I really really want to crush someone’s head in a vice. We’ve been living 6 issues now on the promise of an ID reveal… (although, come to think of it, no one ever ACTUALLY promised us that).

I won’t buy a car called a Sentra, because it reminds me of Sentry, and HE has an evil half that tries to destroy the world. See my point?

Background work is slipping here.

It is NOW an official beginning for the book. The all-hands-in is a classic. And 8 is a nice roster size. Until Ripcord dies, of course.

I remember when most ads in the comics were for books. And D&D. *tear*

Confession: Our cops are, if nothing else, bold.

Sadly, the dialogue fairy that so blessed the tail end of Ben Urich encounter has moved to greener pastures, because it’s pretty ripe in Mr. Stark’s office.

Another video game. I want to crawl in a hole and die.

It’s like Page Nineteen, but again.

Carol doubts Tony. As she should. Maybe she’s not just a minion after all.

Image Inducer? Ooooh! Someone’s been a LIAR.

Wheelchair? Noooooooooooooo. No!

Thrash is… BANDIT??? Not KLAW?!?!

*sigh* I like this reveal. As long as Thrash is not Dwayne, I can live with the CRUSHING disappointment that my TERRIBLY sound Klaw theory is false.

Why? Because we FINALLY have a tangible connection to the real Warriors. The one thing (aside form better scripting) the book has always needed.

Finally, a complete package of possibility.

Video Game. *stab out my eyes*

If that’s a t-shirt, I will not wear it. Ugh.

I don’t read any of Reed’s stuff. Anyone want to talk me into giving it a try? I liked his Arachne and Shroud stuff in Ms. Marvel during Civil War, I guess…

Nord’s grown leaps and bounds since Mutant X.


I think I know those guys, form the Kirkman quote…

I miss trading cards. Maybe I will look into these.

Klein fixed the costume! YAY!

This ad makes me feel inadequate. Thanks, AT&T.

I am running out of “witty” things to say about the army. Get new ads, Marvel!



Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

4 thoughts on “Page-by-Page: New Warriors #6”

  1. You make a good point… especially since under my current understanding of Tony’s Extremis powers, that’s pretty much impossible (well, it’s unlikely Tony wouldn’t automatically know about it).

    Bandit is MUCH smarter than any of us thought! I wonder if we’ll clear up his ambiguous “powers” now?

  2. Well, hopefully that will change (the liking the comic part, not the liking the PbP part)! Glad to have a fan out there… stay tuned for #7 in the next week or so, because I have LOTS to say about it!

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