November 2007 Sales Figures

The estimates for November’s sales figures were released last week. While New Warriors itself took the month off, there were plenty of New Warriors-related comics that came out.

Avengers: The Initiative returned with issue #7, barely dipping below the Top 25 and still bringing in well over 65,000 readers. It lost over 7,500 readers, possibly due to the absence after a fill-in artist. This was marketed as an important pre-One More Day issue for Spider-Man, and also promised the reveal of who is behind at least one of the Scarlet Spider masks. Such intrigue didn’t seem to give the title any discernible sales boost, but the book remains a strong seller.

Nova #8 is the first issue to not boast a Marvel event across the cover like Annihilation, the Initiative or Annihilation: Conquest, although the latter is certainly referenced. The good news is that the over 2,500 lost readers from last issue really isn’t a significant increase in decline from previous issues. The issue sold over 32,000 copies, a very decent place to be at this point in the series especially considering Nova’s past sales history.

Thunderbolts took another month off, and released another one-shot to keep the masses happy. Breaking Point, like Desperate Measures before it, didn’t perform as well as the regular “monthly” series. Perhaps due to some dissatisfaction with Desperate Measures, Breaking Point sold close to 10,000 copies less. Still, it’s a respectable showing, nearly exactly the same sales as Nova #8, and certainly better for Marvel than making nothing from a skip month, so I’m sure we’ll see more of these whenever Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato fall behind. There’s already another one scheduled for February.

The one-shot What If: Annihilation featuring Nova didn’t do much worse. Nearly 30,000 copies were sent to comic shops, sending a signal to Marvel that either the rejuvenated What If? brand, the Annihilation brand, or both still have life in them.

Penance: Relentless #3 only mildly dropped from last month. This seems to have leveled off pretty quickly, with about 22,000 readers this month. It will probably be around 20,000 next month. Again, this isn’t all that great. I’m sure Marvel was hoping for this to do a bit better after all the work they put into the Speedball/Penance overhaul from Civil War.

Loners finally wraps up after being delayed last month. The mini-series ended with over 13,000 readers, not really the greatest despite spinning off from the well-received Runaways. After an epilogue in this month’s Marvel Holiday Special 2007, there seems to be plans for a sequel of some kind next year. Perhaps Marvel’s sales threshold has been lowering due to Marvel’s financial success over the last handful of years. It just doesn’t seem like this mini-series did well enough to merit a sequel. Perhaps they want to give the property another chance and time to find its audience and footing.

Iron Man & Power Pack #1 brings up the bottom, as usual. The new #1 gives the Power Pack series of mini-series another mild bump, although it will probably dip below 5,000 by the second or third issue, the first time for the rejuvenated property. However, as I say every month, the digest-sized collections are where Marvel really makes their money, so it’s not a tremendous concern.

November 2007
22 Avengers: The Initiative #7 – $2.99 – 66,431
69 Nova #8 – $2.99 – 32,099
70 Thunderbolts: Breaking Point #1 – $2.99 – 32,030
79 What If: Annihilation #1 – $2.99 – 29,705
107 Penance: Relentless #3 – $2.99 – 22,453
163 Loners #6 – $2.99 – 13,352
233 Iron Man & Power Pack #1 – $2.99 – 5,525

Click here for the updated listing of Sales Estimates figures dating back to 1996 and more information on what the numbers mean.


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