Rosemann talks Nova plans spoke with Nova editor Bill Rosemann about Annihilation: Conquest. They also briefly dropped some hints about what’s in store for Nova during and following the event, as well as who might take over as regular artist following Paul Pelletier’s run.

Some excerpts:

 Bill Rosemann: Look for an intriguing look at Nova’s future, an eventual end to the journey to Kvetch, the return of a certain cult-fave Selfriend, more Drax, more Gamora—and just wait until you see [artist] Mahmud S. Arar’s Marvel debut in NOVA ANNUAL #1—not to mention the grand arrival of [artist] Paul Pelletier to the Conquest Party!

Regarding Nova’s impact on Annihilation: Conquest:

Rosemann: …[L]et’s just say that Nova’s infection may turn out to be the cure for what ails the Kree. Yes, folks, just because we didn’t slap that Annihilation: Conquest banner on NOVA #8-#12 doesn’t mean they weren’t connected to the main event.

On life for Nova after Conquest:

Rosemann: Cay you say Galactus and the Silver Surfer? And what about that Skrully Invasion?

On whether Nova will return to Earth any time soon:

Rosemann: With so many ties to our world, can Nova ever stay away forever? Back to that “balancing act” that DnA are so skilled at, look for a mix of deep space and Earth-centered action…but probably leaning heavy on the “out of this world” flavor.

On a new regular artist:

Rosemann: Hey, all you True Believers that like Wellinton Alves’s awesome art—you’re going to love what’s on the horizon!

Read the full interview.


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