December 2007 Sales Figures

The December 2007 sales estimates have been out for several weeks now. In fact, January 2008 estimates should be coming out soon. So instead of trying to quickly cobble together a feeble analysis, I’ll defer to Paul O’Brien’s December 2007 edition of his Marvel Month-to-Month Sales column at The Beat, the comics blog for Publisher’s Weekly. O’Brien uses a different source for his figures than I do, but the difference is less than +/- 100 copies and usually less than +/- 50 copies, and so is rather negligible for these purposes. Of course, take everything with a grain of salt. Neither my analysis or O’Brien’s should be translated into factual statements on a given title’s success or lack thereof.

With that, here are some New Warriors-related excerpts from O’Brien’s column.

30 Avengers: The Initiative #8 – $2.99 – 58,091
31 Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1 – $3.99 – 57,586

The monthly series continues to bleed readers at a terrifying rate. On the bright side, for what it’s worth, the Annual manages to sells quite close to the core title. Normally they lag further behind.

But realistically, this is a book with serious problems. This is the third straight issue to drop by more than 10%, and there’s no sign yet of the book leveling out. It literally cannot carry on like this.

As ‘Somebody’ points out in the comments, the Annual was a Secret Invasion: Infiltration tie-in, with accompanying banner. This could have accounted for the Annual selling closer to the core title.

71 New Warriors #6 – $2.99 – 32,962
85 New Warriors #7 – $2.99 – 30,159

Another title with serious problems. The last five issues have seen an average drop of 8%, with the most recent issues being above that average. Once again, this simply isn’t sustainable beyond the very short term. If NEW WARRIORS carries on losing sales at 8% per issue, it’ll drop below 20K within six months.

83 Nova #9 – $2.99 – 30,451

Losing readers far too quickly for comfort. The drops should have levelled out by now, but there’s no real sign of it. Despite generally positive reviews, it’s hard to see NOVA sticking around in the long term if these numbers are anything to go by.

136 Marvel Holiday Special 2007 – $3.99 – 15,638

The annual Christmas anthology. The number is marginally up from last year.

245 Iron Man/Power Pack #2 – $2.99 – 4,852

As you surely know by now, these books are not aimed at the direct market, and they do most of their business elsewhere.

Read the entire article by Paul O’Brien

See the Sales Estimates figures dating back to 1996 and more information on what the numbers mean.


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