Blackwing to be in Wolverine movie

CORRECTED & UPDATED: Variety reported yesterday that actor Dominic Monaghan, known for his performances in the TV series “Lost” and the three Lord of the Rings feature films, has been cast for the part of Barnell in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a spin-off movie from the X-Men films.

Variety describes the role as “a mysterious character from Wolverine’s past who has the ability to manipulate energy and electricity”. Barnell is the first name of Beak and is speculated to be an adaptation of the same character, currently known as Blackwing of the current New Warriors team. Due to the power description, some have wondered if Variety got the character’s name wrong. However, E! Online today posted an article that seems to confirm Monaghan will be playing Barnell Bohusk. It is still unknown, however, what form of the character will be used (Beak or Blackwing), and to what extent the character will be adapted.

This will mark the first second time a member of the New Warriors has appeared in a theatrically-released feature film. (Jubilee had several cameos in X-Men, played by Katrina Florece, and then by Kea Wong in X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand.)

Additionally, South Korean actor Daniel Henney has been cast as Agent Zero a.k.a. Maverick, Bolt‘s former mentor. Variety describes Agent Zero as “a member of the Weapon X program and an expert tracker with lethal marksman skills”.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The cast also includes Liev Schreiber (as Sabretooth), Danny Huston (William Stryker), Lynn Collins (Silver Fox), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Taylor Kitsch (Gambit), and (Wraith). Gavin Hood (Rendition, Totsi) is directing from a screenplay by David Benioff (Troy). Jackman is also serving as producer along with Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter and John Palermo. Kevin Feige is executive producer. The film is currently scheduled to debut in US theaters on May 1, 2009.

Read the full Variety article

Read the full E! Online article

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Author: Corey Blake

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4 thoughts on “Blackwing to be in Wolverine movie”

  1. I just wish I could understand why they need an Asian (or part-Asian) actor to play a vastly German role (Maverick). Especially when, of all characters, Wolverine has one of the better developed sets of Asian supporting cast members to draw from.


    As to “Beak”‘s mysterious energy powers, I bet he’s BOLT. Remember how, in press releases, Marvel could NEVER get Bolt’s name right? It strikes again!

  2. The post has been updated and corrected with new information. It appears it really is Barnell.

    Thanks to speedbaldwin for correcting me on the first New Warrior to appear in a feature film.

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