Slott & Gage on the old New Warriors recently posted an interview with Avengers: Initiative writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage about the roster of the newest New Warriors team, consisting of former members Justice, Rage, Ultragirl, Slapstick and Debrii. Some excerpts:

Slott on Justice:

“Vance is a complex character, but above all he’s a man of principle and a true hero. He’s proud to be both a New Warrior and an Avenger. The man’s got many facets. He joined the Initiative to be there for the young recruits, the way [Captain America] was there for him. But even Steve Rogers fought the system and became Nomad when he didn’t agree with what was going on. Maybe it’s time for Vance to take a chapter from that book. Maybe that’s the kind of person the kids need looking after them?”

Gage on Rage:

“Rage is young, much younger than he looks. He clearly [feels the New Warriors got] a raw deal from the public and the government. There’s [also] some regret there. Maybe he feels things were left unsaid [between him and] those who passed away.”

Slott on Slapstick:

“I think that Steve Harmon is starting to realize that being Slapstick is more than having toon-like powers. It might also mean having toon-like thoughts. And that’s kinda dangerous. Would you want your friends acting like Bugs Bunny in real life?”

Gage on Ultragirl:

“We’ll see in [Avengers: The Initiative #12] that Ultragirl has a lot more to her involvement with the Initiative than just her feelings for Justice.”

Gage on Debrii:

“See Avengers: The Initiative #12!”

For more on each character plus two pages of Avengers: The Initiative #11, read the full article.


OT: Me, recently

You may have noticed the site has slowed down in the updates department. I also haven’t been posting when I add new issues to chronology pages or character pages, which I kind of feel like I should but no one seems to have noticed so maybe it’s not such a big deal. Anyway, as some of you may know, I live a rather busy life outside of this website. Pardon the self-indulgence, but there’s three things that I’m pretty excited about that I’d like to share. And if it gives you something to read and watch instead of noticing the site is about 3 weeks behind and missing a review, then all the better. I don’t want to push down the recently posted news too far, so I hope you’ll click through if you’re curious about THE SECRET LIFE OF A BLOGGER. See you on the other side?
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Skrulls vs. Power Pack announced

Marvel Comics assistant editor Nathan Cosby announced last week on his Hey! Kids! Comics! blog at that the publisher intends to release a new mini-series called Skrulls vs. Power Pack.

Details were limited but it seems likely that this will be the next mini-series in the ongoing run of all-ages Power Pack mini-series. No release schedule was announced but it will probably follow Power Pack: Day One, which concludes in June. No creative team was announced, although there is a look at four sketches for a potential cover.

Despite the Skrull connection, the book will not tie into Marvel’s next big summer event Secret Invasion. This will be the first time the Power Pack kids will be starring in their own mini-series without a co-starring Marvel hero since the 2005 Power Pack mini-series by Marc Sumerak and GuriHiru.

To read the full blog posting, which includes an amusing ‘appearance’ by Katie Power and the ability to vote on your favorite cover sketch, click here.

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New Warriors-related comics for June

Marvel Comics released solicitations for comics shipping in June. The highlights: New Warriors concludes its third story arc, “Thrashed,” as the team’s leader is missing when they need him most. Nova‘s clash against Galactus and the Silver Surfer continues. Power Pack: Day One concludes the brand new origin of the youngest super-heroes! Plus, the Thunderbolts, a new Official Handbook hardcover edition, and more new collections. Read on…!

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Nova writers talk

The Nova Prime Page speaks with Nova co-writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (collectively referred to as DnA).

Regarding the upcoming storyarc with Galactus and the Silver Surfer:

“We’ve not tackled Galactus and his herald properly before, and this will be their first major appearance since the aftermath of the original Annihilation event. We are going to play around with scale, and try to portray Galactus in a way he’s not been seen before. We want to remind people how awesome he is. Imagine a story about a lone cop on duty in a city when a huge hurricane hits town. Rich is the cop, Galactus is the hurricane.”

In response to which scenes in Nova Annual #1 recounting Nova’s origins are actual memories and which are distortions:

“All and all! The Phalanx had clearly affected his memories of the past, but we were also trying to gently modernize those moments, whilst paying respectful homage to the original creators. As to the veracity of the future vision, we (and Richard) will have to wait and see what the future holds. If that is the future, there are going to be an awful lot of questions to answer!”

Regarding Nova’s involvement in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off series:

“He won’t be joining the team, but he will play a part into its creation and work with it when necessary. The Guardians are going to be Peter Quill’s brainchild, and Rich will back his friend’s efforts all the way.”

On the possibility of Nova’s involvement in this year’s Marvel event Secret Invasion:

“Yes. It’s in the planning stages now. We don’t think he COULDN’T be. He’s a cosmic champion, the last centurion, and he’s from Earth. The Skrulls will make sure he’s involved.”

Read the full interview.