It’s been a couple of months since I’ve updated the site. Unfortunately it seems what I’ve felt was coming for a couple of years has finally arrived. The New Warriors Continuity Conundrum is going on hiatus.

This really has nothing to do with the actual comics coming out now, and more to do with my evolving life, which has allowed less and less time to making it to the comic shop, reading comics, and updating this site in some sort of timely fashion.

My curiosity is shifting to new endeavors. While I’m sad to let the NWCC go, I’m extremely excited to be entering what feels like a new phase in my life. I’ve been devoting more time to original content for my new blog. As many know, I’m an actor and writer. I’m cooking up a lot of videos and other fun stuff that I hope you’ll check out. There’s not too much there yet, but there’s a lot in the works.

I’ll keep the existing information up. The Comments sections on each character’s page will allow you to add new appearances, if you are so moved. I won’t say I’ll never jump back in, or maybe sneak in an update here and there, but for now I must put it to rest. To keep up on all things New Warriors, I highly recommend any of the links below in my long and tedious thanks.

And here goes. I would feel remiss if I didn’t toss out some thanks. First, I really must thank my wife, who has probably been more understanding of the time this site has eaten up than she had a right to be. Really it comes down to the Crash Pad Mailing List Yahoo Group. Several stand out for their help and friendship since the NWCC started back in 2000. If I forgot anyone, or misappropriate something to someone, I apologize and blame my awful memory that was eaten up long ago with New Warriors trivia. Jeremy “Pen” Schwennen, thank you for the in-person meeting (must happen again!), the phone calls, NEWS, Page-by-Pages and Roundtable Reviews. Flank McLargehuge, thank you for NEWS and Roundtable Reviews, and good luck with the Doctor and all that comes of it (how far you’ve come and how much further you’ll go!). Doug Smith, thank you for your generosity, your patience on the web-project that never was, and for constantly raising the bar at the Nova Prime Page. PaxHouse, thank you for always being on the look out for anything New Warriors-related and frequenty beating me to the punch. James Hunter, thank you for the Roundtable Reviews and for asking questions. Jeph York, for being a helpful and resourceful smart@ss (look out, Marvel!). Liam Gibbs, for being a mighty fine bloke. Craig Watson, for remembering Speedball. Tawmis, for creating the New Warriors Dot Com and Crash Pad Mailing List community. Seth “speedbaldwin” for creating the New Warriors Source website and message board, which has become a great new home for NW fans. Also much thanks to David Gallaher, Danny Donovan, Tim O’Shea, and Don Lund, for the industry side. Tons of thanks to all of the comic book creators past and present who have worked and are working on these characters. My interest in and enjoyment of these characters is what started this silly obsession and it is what will keep me reading.

And finally, thank you to everyone who has visited this site and benefited from it. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people saying how helpful the site has been for them when back-issue shopping. That’s really what’s kept me doing it for this long. I wish I could keep it going for you. There just aren’t enough hours.

Thank you. It’s been a blast.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

2 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. Thank you, Corey, for all the hard work and devotion you’ve given to the site! Your site was always the first place I came for New Warriors info. Your love for the characters and team always shined through!

    Best of luck with your new ventures, my friend!!


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