Darkhawk goes hip hop

[UPDATE: Lyrics added, release date updated]

Possibly one of the most unique appearances.

Geek rapper Adam WarRock has released a free concept album called The West Coast Avengers EP, which includes a song called “Darkhawk”. And yes, it’s really about Chris Powell. The lyrics include references to Darkhawk’s battles with Hobgoblin and Savage Steel. You can listen to the entire track and download the digital album exclusively at Comics Alliance.

“Darkhawk” samples Above the Law’s “Murder Rap” from their debut album Livin’ Like Hustlers, released in 1990. That song in turn samples Quincy Jones’ 1971 song “Ironside” from his album Smackwater Jack.

Adam WarRock’s official full-length debut album The War for Infinity is scheduled to drop October 7th and could include more New Warriors references. Watch for it at AdamWarRock.com.

Here are the lyrics to the song, provided exclusively to the Continuity Conundrum by Adam WarRock. Thank you, Adam!

“Darkhawk” by Adam WarRock from The West Coast Avengers Mixtape

Just the holder of boulder, the soul controller
Late night patroller, used to be a loner
Hobgoblin wanna battle gotcha playas sobbin’
Even Peter Parker didn’t want start shit

Cuz in the streets, where we battle for real
And the gangstas peel caps with the savage steel raps
Now we got ’em on the run, cuz we rock it so hot
All the playas havin’ fun while doin’ the robot

My man Chris brings the dope game consistent
Sees the aliens that never even existed
Cuz he’s havin’ like a nervous breakdown
Anxiety attack, in the concrete playground

Suicide, it’s a suicide
If you runnin’ in the dark, then there’s nowhere to hide
Watch ya back, in the dark it’s pitch black
And we strikin’ like a hawk with the west coast raps

Crazy ass cyborg, playa with his mind gone
Stalkin’ in the night, gonna strike like a python
Queens is chillin’, West Coast Chillin’
What more can I say to y’all villains…

Now I got a murder rap (repeat x4)

And now you can’t sleep cuz you stay up at night
So scared that you’re gonna see the black and silver in the light
We ain’t players on the Oakland Raiders
Cuz Al Davis (what?), never paid us (yeah)

Darkhawk, always stalkin’ when you walkin’
All alone, waiting for you when you open your apartment door
Can’t see his eyes, so you better recognize
He could kill you in a flash, darkstalker in disguise

And don’t confuse him like I used to do with Sleepwalker
Cuz Sleepwalker’s green and purple, and he’s sleepwalker
Actually, they’re not similar, so just forget it
Don’t know why I confused them even for a second

Flying through the air, metal razor wing tips
British Knight kicks, plus he’s got a beeper on his hip
Creepin’ and cruisin’, haters get a bruisin’
The crazy ass dude with a freakin’ robot suit, man



Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

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