Adam WarRock pays tribute to original New Warriors #1-25

Nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock has released My New Warriors E.P., an 8-track digital release that pays tribute to the original New Warriors issues #1-25 by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley. Each of the original New Warriors gets a song inspired by them, as well as a track for Psionex and the bonus track “Insurance”. Pop rock band The Ampersands make a special appearance for “Firestar”.

Excerpt from the liner notes by Adam WarRock:

I’ve long been a fan of New Warriors since issue 1 of Nicieza and Bagley’s run that started in 1990. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite series. The Marvel Boy trial, the mystery behind Night Thrasher’s family, the introduction of Silhouette, and the flirtation between Nova and Namorita. As much as the series was filled with a lot of humor and goofiness, it remains intensely sad at its core (at least in that first 25 issue run), and that was why I was always drawn to it. I mean, I guess I’m a darker person than I’d like to admit, but when you have team drama mixed with teenage angst, something about it rings true to an actual teenager reading the darn thing. So it’s no surprise that this mixtape EP came out, well, a lot more serious than I ever thought it would be. I hope there’s some positivity in there, as there always was at the end of the tunnel in the comic itself.

You can download the entire EP for free here.


  1. Nova
  2. Firestar (by The Ampersands)
  3. Nita
  4. Astrovik
  5. Night Thrasher
  6. Speedball
  7. Psionex
  8. Insurance (Bonus Track)