Added X-Men/Spider-Man #3, Amazing Spider-Man #608-610 and more

Five issues added to the site!

  • Marvel Tarot #1 added to the Official Handbook entries page for Dagger.
  • X-Men / Spider-Man #3 added to Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) and his checklist, and Volume 1 Part 3. This was published in 2008 but the entire story is set circa January 1996 (going by cover dates). I’ve placed it after Ben’s debut as Spider-Man in Sensational Spider-Man #0 but before his first formal adventure in Amazing Spider-Man #407, but it could basically go anywhere after that #0 issue. It’s more dependent on Wolverine and Archangel’s appearances, which is what basically puts it in that January ’96 range. Thanks to and the Marvel Chronology Project for help with this one.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #608, Amazing Spider-Man #609 and Amazing Spider-Man #610 added to both Ben Reilly (and his checklist) and Kaine (and his checklist), as well as to Limbo Part 4. Ben Reilly’s appearances are all flashbacks to his Lost Years, so on his page, I put the appearances early on, before his return in the ’90s but after the original Clone Saga in the ’70s. I included a note that it is for the flashback scenes only. The other half of the story, which includes Kaine’s return, takes place in the present at the time the story was published, so for Kaine and the site’s overall chronology, I’ve put them in more modern times. I don’t generally like splitting out flashback scenes, as I think those scenes really only work as flashbacks and the rest of the story around the flashback could potentially spoil stories between the flashback and the time the issues were published. So I’m a bit torn on the placement of these issues for Ben Reilly’s page. I may end up moving them.

Also I’ve updated the front page to be the more static About page. I’ve made a few updates to the About page as well, including adding images of each volume. I’m trying to make the site more visually interesting, so I added images at the top of each Chronology page and will try to include more images going forward, like the ones included in this post.



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