Confirmed Fantastic Four #579-580 and more from the Heroic Age

Updates continue!

  • Style and formatting updates have gone out to the 6 founders’ Character pages to match what I’ve done on the Chronology pages. These are minor changes and occasionally catching a typo. I’ll continue to roll those out across the entire site for greater consistency. Basically I’m addressing pet peeves I’ve had about the site for years. Bonus points for even noticing.
  • Cosmetic fixes aside, my main focus in the short-term will be Limbo – Part 4. Phase One and Phase Two are probably done. That brings us up to the newly created Phase Three, which starts with the launch of Marvel’s The Heroic Age branded soft relaunch from the Summer of 2010.
  • Speaking of Phase Three of Limbo – Part 4, the following issues have now officially been confirmed (after previously being added in one of my stealth updates):
    • Avengers #1 has a brief Justice cameo – one or two panels, and one line of dialogue: his one-word response to Steve Rogers’ invitation to join the Avengers.
    • Enter the Heroic Age #1 has an even more brief Justice cameo: he shows up on the last page, a splash page, of the first story.
    • Secret Avengers #1-4 features Nova as an Avenger (but mostly mind-controlled, so he kind of serves as a semi-villain too).
    • Fantastic Four #579-580 includes the addition of Alex Power as a recurring member of the cast. He shows up in several B-plot scenes as a student in a new school Reed Richards starts and has a smattering of lines. I missed it previously, but Fantastic Four #579 also has a brief appearance by Alex’s friend (and former New Warriors mode of transportation) Smartship Friday, who hasn’t been seen in the Marvel Comics Universe since Colleen Doran’s Power Pack mini-series from 2000. Friday is seen on 3 of 4 panels with one line of dialogue on one page, where Alex is being dropped off for the new school.

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