Added Web of Spider-Man #5 and 8, removed Spider-Man: The Lost Years #0

Some more updates:

  • Web of Spider-Man volume 2 #5 and #8 have been added to the pages for History and Scarlet Spider. Both of these issues were published in 2010, but the stories are set during Ben Reilly’s wandering years.
    • The story in issue #5, titled “Nobody,” clearly takes place soon after Spider-Man: The Lost Years mini-series, as he’s still in a daze from those events.
    • Issue #8, titled “Un Nuovo Inizio?,” is less clear. Apparently Ben left the United States for a time, hence the Italian story title. (That’s Ben attacking a car in Rome in the featured image above.) This probably takes place after The Lost Years and before his return in Web of Spider-Man #114. That means Web of Spider-Man #8 happens either before or after the recently-added flashback scenes in Amazing Spider-Man #608-610. I haven’t seen anything in either story to suggest which comes first, so I’m going to go with keeping the two Web of Spider-Man issues together. Narratively it seems to work for me too. On the History page, I’ve put it at the end of Phase Ten.
  • Speaking of Spider-Man: The Lost Years, that 3-issue mini-series was preceded by a zero issue that I’ve never gotten around to getting. I knew it consisted of reprints of “The Parker Legacy” backup 3-parter in Amazing Spider-Man #400, Spider-Man #57 and Spectacular Spider-Man #223. At some point, I had heard the zero issue had some unique pages to bridge each issue. Based on digital and print reprints, primarily looking at Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic Vol. 1, it doesn’t appear that’s the case. So I have officially removed Spider-Man: The Lost Years #0. If I’m mistaken, please let me know. I’d love to hear more if there is indeed unique story material there.
  • Also, minor style and format changes continue. All team members from Volumes 1-3 have been updated.

Author: vanceastrovik

I've studied superheroes for most of my life. So who better to make some sense of it all?

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