Added Avengers Academy #1-6

Yet more updates!

  • Avengers Academy #1-6 has been added to Limbo Part Four Phase Three.
    • Justice appears in every issue, although issue #1 and #3 are the meatier appearances. While he is one of the primary teachers, along with Hank Pym and Tigra, the focus of the book is most definitely on the students. Some of the other issues are just quick one- or two-panel appearances, or he’s just present but doesn’t really contribute much to the scenes.
    • Speedball is also one of the teachers, although he doesn’t seem to have the same level of authority as the other three. As such, he appears less frequently, showing up in issues #1, 3-4 and #6. The featured image above from issue #3 is one of the more significant moments (and note the cat tree, which hints at Niels the Cat). These are his first post-Penance appearances. He’s back to going by Speedball but he’s still haunted by the events of Civil War and his journey out of his Penance identity is one of the recurring subplots. In issue #6, there’s a moment that publicly absolves Speedball of guilt in the Stamford disaster, although it doesn’t erase his feelings of guilt (see below).
    • Ultragirl makes a quick appearance in issue #5 where it’s established she and Justice are still seeing each other, even if Justice still won’t really commit to an actual relationship with her.
  • The style and formatting updates seem to be done for now. All Character pages from every iteration of the New Warriors, including support staff and others on the Other Characters page, have been updated.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 4.41.31 PM


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