Added Incredible Hulks #614

Added to the site:

  • Incredible Hulks #614 – Nova appears for about 10 or so panels in this issue, halfway through the 6-part Dark Son story arc. He and his fellow Secret Avengers try to stop the Hulk from stopping US forces from launching shuttles to try to intercept the approach of a planet controlled by Hulk’s other son. It’s basically a big misunderstanding fight but it’s a good romp drawn by the great Barry Kitson. Nova gets in a good shot on the Hulk (seen in the featured image above) and then Hulk’s new S.M.A.S.H. team arrives (hence the plural Hulks in the comic’s title). Nova ends up squaring off with Korg the Stone Man, and their fight mostly happens in the background (notable exception seen below). Nova gets a handful of lines and it’s clear he’s holding back using his full powers while on Earth. Not a significant appearance, but it shows that Nova was a member of Steve Rogers’ Secret Avengers team for more than one mission. Since he leaves the team at the end of the “Secret Histories” mission depicted in Secret Avengers #1-4, I was tempted to place it before those issues. But the ending of Secret Avengers #4 is ambiguous enough that another mission could have taken place before Nova flew off to respond to a distress call. I may end up switching the order, but for now I’ll go with matching the order in which these two stories were published. I also placed it before Nova #35 since that issue leads right into The Thanos Imperative event mini-series. Incredible Hulks #614 was also added to Limbo Part 4 in Phase Three.
  • Thanks to Anthony Urda, I have tentatively added Darkhawk #51 and Infinity Countdown #1 to Darkhawk’s page. I’ll continue filling in gaps from when regular updates stopped on the site. Right now I’m starting into 2011 (by cover-dates), so it will be some time before I confirm the placement of these two issues and other brand new appearances. Thank you, Anthony!

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