Added I am an Avenger #2-5

Newly added to the site:

  • I am an Avenger #2-4 has the only multi-part story in this 5-issue mini-series. “Closure” stars Firestar and Justice, and includes them meeting up with their past selves from the time they were Avengers circa 1998. The “present” versions of the characters are clearly the main characters, and it deals a lot with their crumbled relationship. So this is definitely a significant appearance for both characters. Issue #2 also includes appearances by Nova and Speedball for a quick mini-New Warriors reunion (albeit out of costume, as seen in the featured image above), making this story even more significant for New Warriors in general. As Nova and Speedball appearances, it’s not all that significant but it’s nice to see these four founders back together again. Most of the stories in this mini-series appear to be set right after Steve Rogers invited various heroes to be part of his big Avengers team, so I decided to follow that lead and place these issues at the start of Phase Three of Limbo Part 4, right before Secret Avengers #1 and Avengers Academy #1, which also places this before Young Allies #1. The story is written by Sean McKeever, who also wrote Young Allies and drawn in a beautiful painted style by Mike Mayhew.
  • I am an Avenger #3’s lead story stars Nova teaming up with Spider-Man. There’s a flashback that depicts him getting invited by Steve Rogers to join the Avengers, and the rest of the story takes place very soon after that. So I decided to place this story before the “Closure” story from I am an Avenger #2-4, which also places this in Phase Three of Limbo Part 4. The story has a nice flashback montage to Nova and Spider-Man’s past team-ups. It’s written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, who were writing Nova’s solo series at the time, even though it was soon to end. Todd Nauck is the artist, who gives the story a classic feel that fits right in with past Spidey/Nova adventures.
  • I am an Avenger #5 includes a brief appearance by Justice in an Ant-Man story. It’s not a significant appearance by any means, he’s just hanging out in Avengers Mansion chatting, possibly flirting, with Cassie (aka Stature of the Young Avengers). This was placed after the “Closure” story in Limbo Part 4.

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