Added Chaos War

Newly added:

  • Chaos War #1 has a cameo appearance by Justice and Nova. You can see it above in the featured image; Justice is in the top right and that looks like Nova to the left near Iron Man and Tigra. Justice might appear in one or two other panels earlier in the issue but he’s too small and nondescript to be sure. Neither speak. This is basically a textbook case of non-essential. But they’re there, so we’re including it.
  • Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1 has another cameo appearance by Nova. Below, you can see him in the top left corner. Nova is in a dead-like state along with other Avengers and heroes for the entirety of the issue.

Everyone is revived later in the Chaos War event but we don’t see Nova or Justice then. Presumably they’re there, just off-panel. Both issues have been added to Phase Three of Limbo Part 4, right before The Thanos Imperative.

Chaos War-Dead Avengers 1 - Nova cameo.png


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