Changes to Limbo Part 2

Little bit of a break from catching up on more recent appearances:

Sofia passed out (featured image above) because the site has been updated with temporary placements of the New Warriors volume 4 team’s appearances. That means a whole bunch of X-Men-related comics have been added to chronology pages. The majority of these appearances had previously been added to each individual character’s pages, so there hasn’t been much change on those.

This has had the most significant impact on Limbo – Part 2, which now has a new phase or two. I’ve also moved House of M and its tie-in issues to this chronology page. While House of M and New Warriors volume 3 were originally released more or less concurrently, there’s one quick cameo that makes it difficult to say that’s how the stories took place. Namorita’s more classic look is seen in New Thunderbolts #12 (pictured below), the very next issue following that series’ House of M tie-in. Since Namorita is once again blue-skinned in New Warriors volume 3, it makes it unlikely the mini-series occurred around the events of House of M, but instead some time after. That is basically where I had these issues previously, so the actual order hasn’t changed much, but moving them to Limbo – Part 2 puts a more clear line in the sand.

(The featured image above is Sofia‘s unconscious appearance in House of M #8.)

New Thunderbolts 12 - Namorita Nova


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