A Note about Wolverine Origins #50

Cloak and Dagger show up briefly in Wolverine Origins #50, but I am not including it on this site. It has been removed from Limbo – Part 4. I thought I’d take the opportunity to explain why this and similar appearances aren’t listed here.

Cloak and Dagger are two of a number of characters that appear to Wolverine as he works through his Weapon X programming. The only characters that are truly physically present in the story are Wolverine himself and Nick Fury. Every other character is a vision or hallucination. Most of those characters have significant history with Wolverine, so it’s a bit odd that Cloak and Dagger show up at all when they’ve never interacted much. However, this story takes place during the brief stint where Cloak and Dagger were staying at the X-Men’s San Francisco base, more or less as members of the X-Men. You can even see the X emblem on Dagger’s costume. And Cloak had recently showed up in the Wolverine Origins story arc just before this one. So apparently they made quite an impression on him.

The idea of this site is to follow each character’s stories through their various appearances across the Marvel Comics Universe. Because of this, hallucinations, alternate reality versions or any appearance that isn’t the actual character we’re following are excluded. It’s why you don’t see Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy on Justice’s page, Firestar’s appearances in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon series, Bolt’s movie appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, or comics with scenes where a picture of a character is seen but the actual character is not in the scene. Essentially, if it’s not part of that character’s life, it’s usually not going to show up here.

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