Strange Tales II #2-3 Removed

Mini-update: Strange Tales II #2 and 3 have been removed from the site. While these are really awesome and unique appearances from some of my favorite non-superhero artists, they are explicitly stated as alternate realities in the beginning of each issue. The overall concept is that the Watchers are looking in on weird versions of the standard Marvel Comics Universe. But if you’re able to handle art styles outside of the normal mainstream superhero conventions, these are fun and funny. Eventually I’ll get to the Alternate Realities page, and these two stories will go there. But, if I were to place them, here’s where I’d put them:

  • Strange Tales II #2 includes a Wolverine and Power Pack (including Alex Power) story by David Heatley (seen in the featured image above) that playfully riffs on Uncanny X-Men #205 so it would make sense for it to go around there.
  • Strange Tales II #3 has a story by Michael DeForge starring Spider-Man, Jubilee and Iceman (below). She still has her powers and Spider-Man mentions being on the Avengers “for ten minutes,” so maybe this could happen circa 2005 or 2006, probably after the Jubilee mini-series.

Strange Tales II 3 - Jubilee with Spider-Man and Iceman


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