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Last update, I talked about not including alternate reality appearances. Of course, every rule has an exception, and this update features exactly that. Age of X was an X-Men event where reality was temporarily altered. Similar to the classic Forever Yesterday story arc in New Warriors volume 1 issues 11-13, the characters we’re used to suddenly find themselves denizens of a whole new world complete with false memories and histories. At the end of the story (spoiler!), reality is restored and the characters return to their previous state (for the most part). So while there is an alternate reality for a time, because the experience is a part of their lives, I still include it.

So with that, I have added these Age of X issues to here’s what’s been added to the site in Phase Four of Limbo – Part Four:

    • X-Men: Universe is a 2-issue mini-series running beside the main Age of X story. It includes a main story featuring the Avengers in this new reality, and a back-up story in each issue spotlighting different characters. While the two issues were released toward the end of the event, the stories suggest they take place before the main action of the event, so I have placed them before the event’s main story.
      • In Age of X: Universe #1, Chamber appears during an early mission of the Avengers. This is his first post-New Warriors volume 4 appearance. No longer going by Decibel, his Generation X-era powers have returned without explanation (although to be fair, reality has been altered). It’s a brief appearance, but he makes a good showing, killing Ghost Rider.
      • In Age of X: Universe #2, in the conclusion to the Avengers story, Beak makes a quick cameo, huddling with other mutants in children’s room in Fortress X. He is no longer in his New Warriors volume 4 guise of Blackwing and once again has his bird-like mutant form.
      • In the back-up story to Age of X: Universe X #2, Angel has a supporting role in a Dazzler story, as they and another mutant make their way to Fortress X. Like the others, her mutant powers and appearance are back, and she’s no longer going by Tempest. She and Dazzler have a great exchange, part of which is seen in the featured image above.
      • Age of X: Alpha #1 was the first comic depicting the Age of X reality. Jubilee and Chamber both appear throughout it, getting a few lines, but they don’t get a spotlight flashback sequence like other characters.
      • X-Men Legacy 245 - Jubilee and Chamber chatX-Men Legacy #245 is the first chapter of the main event. Jubilee and Chamber have a scene and then appear during the fight scenes later. It’s a decent scene (part of it seen to the right), and probably their most significant during this event. It puts a good focus on them, making it seem like they’re going to play a bigger role, but most of the rest of their appearances in the event is background filler with an occasional line here or there. Jubilee also appears to have her classic mutant powers back and doesn’t seem to be a vampire anymore.
      • New Mutants volume 3 #22 is the second chapter, and Jubilee and Chamber appear again but mostly as extras. It’s the last time they show up until the final two chapters of the story.
      • X-Men Legacy #247 is the second-to-last part of the story. Again, Jubilee and Chamber can be seen here and there.
      • New Mutants volume 3 #24 is the conclusion, where the normal Marvel reality is restored. Both Jubilee and Chamber appear again. I’m not definite on Jubilee having an actual appearance here (I think it’s her). As the haze of the false reality fades, Chamber has a nice moment where he’s pretty confused by what is real and what isn’t by using the British expression of disbelief, “Gordon Bennett!” Rachel Summers responds, “We’re pieces that don’t fit into this configuration, Jonothon.” It’s not clear what exactly she means by that. But what’s interesting is Chamber is exhibiting his mutant powers at the time of this scene, yet if reality were fully restored, he should be powerless again. There’s a 2-part Age of X Aftermath story in X-Men Legacy #248-249 that I’ll read next to see if there’s more information.

New Mutants v3 24 - Chamber after Age of X

Having now read X-Men Legacy #248-249…

UPDATE: X-Men Legacy #248 includes a flashback to the Age of X reality where Jubilee can be seen. It’s just a single-panel of one of the fights previously seen in the above issues. So this brings us to another policy for the site: when flashbacks don’t include any explicitly new information, I will not be including them. The site has been pretty consistent with that. So I’m going to remove this issue since it’s not a new moment. As for Chamber, he doesn’t appear but he’s discussed by Cyclops and Dr. Rao. They look at an x-ray of Chamber’s chest (seen below) and point out that the surgery he was put under in New Excalibur #9, before he lost his mutant powers from House of M, has been erased as though it never happened. Oddly they’re more preoccupied with that then the fact his mutant powers are back. But in a scene right before that, they talk about how neural pathways of another mutant have been modified from the false reality. So it’s certainly possible that other genetic changes have been made without changing back. Since someone unaccustomed to reality altering powers was responsible for restoring reality, it makes sense if he wasn’t quite accurate or thorough.

UPDATE 2: Jubilee’s status after the Age of X event isn’t seen, so it’s unclear whether she resumed her vampire state and lost her fireworks powers again. At the same time Age of X was being released, a Wolverine and Jubilee mini-series was being released. That will be in the next addition to the site.

X-Men Legacy 248 - Chamber x-ray


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