Updated Collected Editions

An eagle-eyed poster on the New Warriors Dot Com Facebook group spotted a listing for New Warriors: Darkness and Light, a new collected edition. That link takes you to the Amazon listing, which reveals that the book will come out in September 2018 and reprint New Warriors volume 1 #27-36, New Warriors Annual #3, Night Thrasher: Four Control #1-4 and the New Warriors story from Marvel Holiday Special #2. This is the first time these issues have been collected.

The original New Warriors series was last reprinted in soft cover for New Warriors Classic Vol. 3 in 2011. It’s the first time the original series has been collected since the New Warriors Omnibus Vol. 1 (an essential purchase for any New Warriors fan) was released in 2013.

I dug more into these listings and discovered that there are two other new collections scheduled that feature Cloak and Dagger (fitting due to their upcoming TV series). There’s also a new collection of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s Nova. So I thought it was time to update the Collected Editions page. I’ve totally redone it to focus on reprinted series that star New Warriors (either as a team or solo) instead of trying to capture every guest appearance and cameo. At least for now. I’ve updated with more recent releases and more info on what is reprinted in each collection. I’ll be adding entries for Sam Alexander, Scarlet Spider, Jubilee and Chamber, but what’s there should hold you over for now. If you see a bad link or think a character or collection should be included, please let me know.

UPDATE: Added collections featuring Nova (Sam Alexander), Ben Reilly, Kaine, Jubilee, and Generation X (Chamber and Jubilee).


Author: vanceastrovik

I've studied superheroes for most of my life. So who better to make some sense of it all?

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