Added Wolverine vs. the X-Men

Newly added: Wolverine volume 4 #6-8, the three-part “Wolverine vs. the X-Men” story, plus the stand-alone Wolverine volume 4 #5.1. All three issues have been added to Phase Four of Limbo – Part 4.

Wolverine v4 6 - Jubilee interrupted

  • Wolverine vol. 4 #6: Jubilee has a single panel cameo with one line. We see Jubilee back to drinking Wolverine’s blood to keep her vampire state in check, so it looks like her vampire abilities have not been altered by the false reality of Age of X, like it seems to have been with Chamber and his mutant powers. However, these issues came out before Age of X had concluded, so it’s possible subsequent appearances will reveal more. Other than that, a minor appearance.
  • Wolverine vol. 4 #7 and 8: The final two parts of the story include Jubilee joining with Storm, Rogue and Shadowcat to help Wolverine free himself of demonic possession. She gets about equal time as the others. I wouldn’t call any of these crucial appearances, though.
  • Wolverine vol. 4 #5.1: While published before issue #6, it quickly became clear that this story couldn’t take place in publication order. The “Wolverine vs. X-Men” story arc picks right up from the end of the “Wolverine Goes to Hell” story from the first 5 issues of Wolverine volume 4. So I’ve placed it right after the “Wolverine vs. X-Men” issues. Jubilee appears in a single panel with Storm, Rogue, Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew, as they hang out with other superheroes waiting for Wolverine to show up to his own surprise birthday party. Cute story.

Wolverine v4 5.1-Jubilee cameo


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