Added X-Men vol. 3 #11

X-Men volume 3 #11 is now on the chronology page for Limbo – Part 4.

Jubilee is a featured character in the issue. The mutants on the island of Utopia try to throw her a surprise birthday party (apparently hers is fairly close to Wolverine’s birthday, considering our last update). But her appearance is relegated to a bookend sequence (3 pages in the beginning, and 1 page at the end). The rest of the issue is dedicated to an extended flashback to Professor X running into a vampire before he formed the X-Men. He tells the story to Jubilee in an attempt to make her feel better about her new vampire status quo. Not terribly crucial but it’s a nice callback to Jubilee and Professor X bonding in Uncanny X-Men #297 at the end of the X-Cutioner’s Song event, and it’s nice downtime issue to end Phase Four of Limbo – Part 4.

Yes, with this issue, we wrap up Phase Four! Now on to Phase Five and the Fear Itself event.


Author: vanceastrovik

I've studied superheroes for most of my life. So who better to make some sense of it all?

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