Added Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt

Took a little break, but we’re back to kick off Limbo – Part 4 Phase 5, which approximately covers comics released with cover dates of August to December 2011. We’re starting with the addition of Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #1-6, which is packed with New Warriors appearances and cameos.

This mini-series by Sean McKeever and Mike Norton is a tie-in to and runs concurrently with the Fear Itself event. McKeever was the writer on Young Allies, where Firstar first formed a friendship with Gravity. Norton was the artist for the first Gravity mini-series (also written by McKeever) that introduced the character in 2005. So as you might expect, Gravity is one of the main characters here, and because of that Firestar gets some focus. Another focus is Thor Girl who is friends with Ultragirl, who gets more focus here than we’ve seen in some time. The rest of the series has brief appearances by Rage, Debrii, Patrick of the Scarlet Spiders trio, and Slapstick.

Firestar being friends with Gravity

Firestar and Ultragirl at orientation

If you can only get one issue, I’d say get #1. Here’s how each issue breaks down:

  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #1:
    • Ultragirl is seen back with the Atlanta-based super-team Cavalry. First formed in the pages of Avengers: The Initiative, apparently most of the team either stayed together following the end of the original Initiative program or has recently reformed. She’s shown to be good friends with Thor Girl. When they join the new Initiative, the members of Cavalry retain their membership and base of operations. Ultragirl has about 5 pages worth of appearances as a supporting character to Thor Girl.
    • Even though Firestar wasn’t part of the original 50-State Initiative (and mentions how she quit being a superhero during Civil War), she encourages Gravity to check out the new Initiative, accompanies him to the orientation and volunteers the two of them to serve as co-leaders of one of the teams. Earlier, Gravity mentions how Firestar used to lead the New Warriors, which… I don’t remember ever happening. There’s also brief moment with her and Ultragirl running into each other at the orientation (right). She appears on about 5 pages, the same as Ultragirl, but it looks like she has less lines.
    • Rage, Debrii, Slapstick, and Scarlet Spider (Patrick of the 3 clones from Avengers: The Initiative, not the earlier Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly or the later Scarlet Spider Kaine) all have cameo appearances in the orientation scene (the featured image above). This is Slapstick’s only appearance in the mini-series (except for a flashback scene in issue 5). It’s likely he attended the orientation and then decided it wasn’t for him. However, there are a lot of characters running around, so it’s also possible he did join a team but we just don’t see him.

Ultragirl calls out Prodigy

  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #2:
    • Ultragirl serves as the voice of dissent against Thor Girl turning herself in after an accident in the previous issue. She’s then sent to help out Gravity and Firestar’s team in New Jersey, although she arrives after the fighting is over. She again gets about 5 pages.
    • Firestar co-leads a New Jersey team with Gravity. The rest of their team consists of Scarlet Spider, Geiger, and Frog-Man. While trying to evaculate people from a burning office building, they run into Crossbones. Firestar basically takes over leading the team because Gravity freaks out and ultimately leaves. She also gets about 5 pages.
    • As mentioned, Scarlet Spider is on the same team with Firestar. He tries to help in taking out Crossbones. He appears on 3 pages and only gets one line.
    • Rage has a very brief cameo. He’s seen on one of Prodigy’s monitors. We’ll find out next issue he’s in Las Vegas.

Rage and Debrii vs Juggernaut

  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #3:
    • Rage is seen in Las Vegas as part of the Heavy Hitters team. They go up against Juggernaut, who has been transformed into Kuurth by an Asgardian hammer. Not much character development, he’s more a foot soldier here going up against impossible odds. He appears on 7 pages.
    • Debrii is also on the Heavy Hitters team and it seems like her powers are getting more powerful. She’s able to open up the ground and briefly contain Kuurth. She also creates a shell of earth around her, which actually allows her to go toe-to-toe with Kuurth. Like Rage, she’s mostly here as a foot soldier but she has a good showing. She appears on 5 pages but it feels pretty even between the two of them.
    • Firestar and Ultragirl are seen in a single panel toward the very end of the issue. Presumably Scarlet Spider is there too, as it seems like they’re all still standing around from the end of last issue, but since he’s not explicitly seen, he’s not being included.
    • Incidentally, there is a reference to Speedball in Fear Itself: Home Front #3 in this issue, complete with editor’s note. So needless to say, that issue occurs first. I’ll be adding that issue in a future update to the site.
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #4:
    • Debrii helps with trying to help survivors following the Juggernaut/Kuurth battle. Her strong personality gets to shine a bit, telling off her teammate Nonstop and ridiculing the fight between Gravity and Hardball. About 3 pages.
    • Rage is there along with Debrii but not quite as prominent as her. 3 pages too but less lines.
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #5:
    • Firestar arrives in Las Vegas and is reunited with Gravity. The two join Hardball and Telemetry in traveling underground to stop the earthquakes set off from the events of the previous issue. About 6 pages.
    • DebriiScarlet Spider and Ultragirl are all seen briefly, 1-2 panels each, helping rescue people.
    • While unseen in this issue, Rage must be running around in the background.
    • On the first page, Slapstick quickly appears in a single-panel flashback to the early issues of Avengers: The Initiative. No new information, so I won’t be including it on his page.
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #6:
    • Ultragirl tries to help Thor Girl and also has an epilogue scene with Cloud 9. She appears on 7 pages.
    • Debrii is all over this issue but she’s mostly a background character. She appears on 8 pages but only has a couple of lines.
    • Firestar appears in fewer pages but gets more focus. She and Gravity have a nice moment that’s reminiscent of her and Marvel Boy in the original New Warriors #6, when they thought they were going to die. Then at the end of the issue, she’s in one of the epilogue scenes. It still seems like Firestar and Gravity are just good friends but it was sweet to see them continue to bond. She appears on 4 pages with about the same number of lines.
    • Rage and Scarlet Spider show up mostly in the background but get a line or two in over 7 pages.



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