Added Amazing Spider-Man #658-661

Alex Power shows up in each issue of Amazing Spider-Man #658-661. The issues have been added to Alex’s page, as well as Limbo – Part 4 Phase Four, in the gap between FF #2 and #3.

Yes, I know I previously said Phase Four was done but then I keep finding new issues that work better there. As I make my way through the rest of 2011, I may end up changing my mind.

Anyway, Alex doesn’t have a major role in these issues, even though the stories themselves are really fun. While not essential appearances, they do show how Alex is the oldest of the Future Foundation kids and is often put in a role of authority when the adults have to go out on a mission.

In Amazing Spider-Man #658, Alex Power and Dragon Man are essentially assigned the role of babysitters, but they aren’t able to get the Future Foundation kids to go to bed. He’s seen on 4 pages.

Also worth noting for this issue is a single-panel appearance of a member of the Nova Corps named Xandar in the year 3,141,592,653 (seen below).

Amazing Spider-Man 658 - Future-Nova named Xandar

In Amazing Spider-Man #659 and 660, Alex Power and the rest of the kids travel to the Caribbean to help out the adults, and join in the tussle with the Sinister Six and zombie pirates. Alex uses his gravity powers to split open a zombie pirate, discovering that they’re all robots (below). He appears on about 6 pages each issue.

Amazing Spider-Man 660 - Alex fights more
In Amazing Spider-Man #661, Alex has a very brief appearance on 1 page. Mr. Fantastic asks him to fill-in as teacher as he’s being pulled away for a mission (below).

This issue includes Spider-Man being a guest teacher with the Avengers Academy students. Unfortunately no appearances by, or even mentions of, Justice or Speedball, but it takes place after Avengers Academy #14.

Amazing Spider-Man 661 - Alex teaches


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