Added X-23 #10-12

X-23 10 - Jubilee coverJubilee guest-stars in X-23 volume 3 #10-12. The 3-parter has been added to Limbo – Part 4 phase 5.

While Jubilee and X-23 had met before (I believe in the X-23 one-shot from earlier in 2011), this is where their friendship starts. She is on 6 pages of issue 10. Then in issues 11 and 12, she’s on 15 pages each. Significant appearance and a good spotlight on her. Not so significant as a New Warriors appearance but definitely important to Jubilee. Wolverine and Gambit appear as well, but the focus is definitely on X-23 and Jubilee.

We find out that she’s left the mutant island of Utopia. Apparently, Professor X’s attempts on her birthday didn’t quite do it.

X-23 10 - Jubilee left Utopia

Wolverine is still helping her by providing her his blood. Gambit had called Wolverine to help with X-23 in Paris, and Jubilee came along, so it seems like she’s still reliant on the healing factor in his blood to suppress the vampire urges.

X-23 11 - Jubilee and Wolverine's blood

I think this is the first time we see her get a flash of someone’s past by tasting their blood, which she does with X-23.

X-23 11 - Jubilee gets history from blood

There’s also this adorable moment:

X-23 11 - Jubilee and Gambit like old times



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