Added Fear Itself: Avengers Academy

The Fear Itself tie-in issues of Avengers Academy have been added to the site with appearances by Justice and Speedball (and even his cat Neils!). The issues 15-16 and 19-20 have been added to Limbo – Part 4 Phase Five.

Speedball only shows up at the end, since he’s busy in Fear Itself: The Home Front (added here). Otherwise, Justice is mostly a background character, again not really having any significant character moments until the end.

Avengers Academy 20 - Justice and Speedball take America

Here’s how it breaks down per issue:

Avengers Academy #15 – Justice appears on 5 pages but has no dialogue. He’s just running with Giant-Man as they try to round up villains who have escaped from the Raft prison.

Avengers Academy #16 – Justice only appears on 2 pages. He does speak but again, he’s mostly a background character. He fights a mystically-powered Titania.

Avengers Academy #19 – Justice is part of the cavalry that rescues the Academy students, but again nothing too major. He’s only on 3 pages. There’s a brief cameo by Neils the Cat as well, who is rescued by Quicksilver following the destruction of the Infinite Mansion. (Maybe one day I’ll make chronology pages for the New Warriors’ pets like Neils and Firestar’s cat Pum’kin.)

Avengers Academy 20 - Speedball ready for the world

Avengers Academy #20 – This is the most significant issue of this run, New Warriors-wise. Speedball returns to the book following the events of his story in Fear Itself: The Home Front. Here, he appears on 5 pages. He decides he’s hidden himself away from the world for long enough and quits as a faculty member of the Academy. He’s also reunited with Neils the Cat. He also tries to talk one of the students out of dropping out of the Academy. That student is Veil, who has now grown out of her crush on Justice. He tries to talk her out of quitting too but she’s made up her mind. Still, they have a good scene where Vance talks about becoming a hero (in the featured image at the top) and it helps him discover it’s time for him to move on too. He appears on 8 pages. Justice and Speedball decide to travel the country together discovering America and helping those in need. Also, semi-New Warriors-related, the last page has a cameo appearance by Alex Power‘s sister Julie, aka Lightspeed, who is one of the new part-time students at the Academy. There have been some half-hearted attempts at doing chronology pages for family members of the New Warriors. Once I’ve caught up, I may pick that back up.

Avengers Academy 20 - Lightspeed arrives


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