Added Wolverine Forever

Wolverine v4 16 - Jubilee describes Wolverine

Jubilee shows up briefly in Wolverine vol. 4 #16 in a story titled “Wolverine Forever.” Traumatized from the previous story in his solo series, Wolverine once again tries to retreat to the wilderness and go feral. His then-girlfriend, investigative reporter Melita Garner goes about interviewing Wolverine’s friends, teammates and colleagues to help him gain perspective and then brings them all out to retrieve him (pictured above). Jubilee is also among those questioned, and she describes Wolverine as “an amazing big brother” (right).

Not a major appearance by any means (only 2 pages), but sweet that she was included. The appearance has been added to Limbo Part 4, at the end of Phase Five.


Author: vanceastrovik

I've studied superheroes for most of my life. So who better to make some sense of it all?

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