Added FF #11-16 and Fantastic Four #600 & 604

So it turns out 2011 is done! I didn’t even realize it. Check out Limbo – Part 4 Phase Five and let me know if I missed anything.

So now onward to 2012! Slowly but surely we’re trying to close our gap. Limbo – Part 4 Phase Six was already started with the Vengeance mini-series and now we add issues of FF and Fantastic Four, which continue to have appearances by Alex Power. We also get a few cameo appearances by Firestar. There’s also a guest appearance by Power Pack and their Smartship Friday. I’ve placed these issues before Vengeance to account for the status of Latveria, Dr. Doom and his son, which are touched on in both storylines.

FF 11 - Alex builds

FF #11 is the lead-up to the climax of long building plot threads. Alex Power shows up briefly for 2 pages, mostly in the background. He still has the cast Reed Richards built for him in FF #5 as he helps the other Future Foundation kids build a high-tech gizmo. Firestar shows up with her Young Allies friends Gravity and Spider-Girl. She’s only seen once, on a 2-page spread where Reed Richards has finally called for help and a ton of Marvel heroes assemble to prepare for the big battle. Cool to see her along with Avengers and X-Men and other big leaguers but for the most part, not a significant issue for either character.

Fantastic Four #600 is the relaunch of the first Marvel Universe title, and while it’s the start of a new story arc, it’s really the continuation of FF. It features the big epic battle against the Kree Empire while Annihilus’s bug army is on the verge of breaking through from the Negative Zone, and a ton of other bubbling subplots come to a head. Firestar is seen again, only on 2 pages and isn’t shown doing much but it can be assumed she’s helping fight off the Kree Empire. Alex Power is seen on about 3 pages using his powers to fight off some Negative Zone bugs breaking into the Baxter Building. It’s a big epic issue but from these two characters’ perspective it’s not an entirely crucial appearance.

FF 15 - Power Pack arrives with Friday to help Alex

FF #12-15 focuses on the Future Foundation kids after teleporting the top three floors of the Baxter Building away. Alex Power is there throughout, often interacting with Dragon Man, but the focus is mostly on Valeria and Franklin Richards. Once again it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish him from Franklin and another of the kids, Bentley, especially because Alex is sometimes colored with brown hair. Issue 12 has him appearing on about 10 pages, issue 13 has about 7 pages, and issue 14 was about 5 pages. FF #15 is a highlight as it guest-stars Power Pack, including their ship Friday. Alex Power appears on 9 pages and the rest of his siblings appear plenty throughout. It’s fun to see them back together again and they effectively fight against some evolved Moloids but we don’t really get much character-based info from the appearance.

Fantastic Four #604 is the grand finale but Alex Power only shows up in one panel with the rest of the Future Foundation kids. Valeria and Franklin are present in the panel, yet if the panel happens when it appears in the story, they shouldn’t be present. So it’s not quite clear how this panel fits in to the story.

FF 16 - Alex gets new FF costume

FF #16 is an epilogue issue of sorts, as well as setting things up for the series going forward. Alex Power is in it throughout. Most notably, everyone gets a modified costume and the Future Foundation kids get numbers. It’s not made clear what the number signifies, but it seems to suggest either a closeness to the core of the Fantastic Four, perhaps of rank, or perhaps order of most likely to become a full-fledged member of the Fantastic Four. Anyway, Alex gets 7, only behind Valeria and Franklin.


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