Added Point One #1

There are two stories in the Point One one-shot that included then-future New Warriors, the new Nova and Kaine in his new Scarlet Spider identity. Both end up on the Volume 5 roster. These two stories were previously added to each character’s page but now both have officially been added to the site. They start off Limbo – Part 4 Phase Six.

Point One 1 - Nova vs Terrax

This is the first appearance of Sam Alexander and his first appearance as Nova (although his real name isn’t revealed here). The story serves to establish the character in comics ahead of his television debut in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series that first aired in April 2012. It was also a teaser story for the big Avengers vs. X-Men event of 2012. Over a year after the release of this one-shot, the character would get his own solo series, which would go back to tell how Sam became Nova in a 5-part origin story. Because of that, I’m going to insert the first 5 issues of Nova’s solo series into an earlier phase soon. But for now, this story can be assumed to take place more or less in the then-present (cover date January 2012). The 7-page story establishes this Nova as a young and inexperienced hero very much out of his league when he discovers the approach of the Phoenix Force and goes up against classic New Warriors villain Terrax. Sam appears on 5 of the 7 pages (although that’s including one half of a double-page spread).

Point One 1 - Scarlet Spider drops in

The other story follows Kaine as he’s trying to get out of the country after the events of Spider-Island. A bank robbery occurs and he dons the costume he left with in Amazing Spider-Man #673. The 8-page story does a good job re-establishing the character for the debut of his solo series a few months later. He doesn’t go by Scarlet Spider in-story, but the credits at the end of the issue make it clear that’s his name. He appears on all 8 pages.


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