Added X-Men: War Machines

X-Men v3 21 - cover detail of JubileeX-Men volume 3 #20-23 has been added to the site. Jubilee (the former Wondra from New Warriors volume 4) is back as an active member of the team. The story takes place during Limbo – Part 4 Phase Six.

This story is set shortly after the X-Men event Schism, where Wolverine and a group of other mutants left the mutant island Utopia. So with a smaller population, other mutants seem to be getting drafted into active duty to fill out the ranks of Cyclops’ X-Men, and Jubilee appears to be one of them.

This is a 4-part story guest-starring War Machine. Jubilee is part of a covert team led by Storm. They’re trying to rescue Domino and prevent the illegal sale of Sentinels to international interests. Jubilee doesn’t get a lot of focus but she gets a couple of cool moments and is set up to feature more heavily in the next X-Men story arc. Probably the whole thing is skippable as an essential story, but if you get anything, I would recommend the last 2 issues of this set. Here’s how it breaks down per issue:

X-Men v3 22 - Jubilee spots blood but is fineIn X-Men volume 3 #20, Jubilee is only seen on 3 pages. She is teamed up with Psylocke and Warpath for a rescue mission while Storm and Colossus stay behind to deal with War Machine.

X-Men volume 3 #21: Jubilee, Psylocke and Warpath are seen on 4 pages as they infiltrate a base in the disputed territory of Puternicstan (between Latveria and Symkaria) and discover a whole warehouse of Sentinels.

X-Men volume 3 #22: Jubilee appears on 6 pages. Most notable is a great two-page sequence where she grabs one of Warpath’s knives and a hand grenade, jumps onto one of many Sentinels taking off, blows it up and hops onto another one. Just prior to this, we see her notice the blood of a scientist Domino has captured and Warpath asks her if she needs a transfusion. So the assumption can probably be made that they have a stash of Wolverine’s blood to keep her vampiric nature at bay.

X-Men volume 3 #23: Jubilee is seen on 3 pages. She takes out another Sentinel and then meets up with a mysterious group and vanishes. The issue ends with Storm setting out on a new mission to track down Jubilee, setting up the next story arc to focus on her.

X-Men v3 22 - Jubilee meets mystery group


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