Added X-23 #19-20

X-23 v3 20 - Jubilee from coverX-23 volume 3 #19 and 20 have been added to the site.

Jubilee is a guest star, showing up on the last page of issue 19 (which concludes a story with Franklin and Valeria Richards from FF) and then on 16 pages of issue 20. These were released concurrently with the X-Men: War Machines story arc and the big climax in FF and Fantastic Four. Since the end of X-23 volume 3 #20 has mention of the expanded Avengers Academy, this also has to take place after Avengers Academy #21. So placement is slightly tricky.

Since Jubilee goes missing at the end of X-Men: War Machines, she can’t appear anywhere else in between that story and the next X-Men story (which will be added in a future update). So this likely occurs before X-Men volume 3 #20-23. The long-running FF/Fantastic Four story really only has a break before FF #11, so this is likely before that issue as well. So I’ve placed these two issues toward the beginning of Limbo – Part 4 Phase Six. I’ve also decided to move X-Men volume 3 #20-23 back to right after the Vengeance mini-series.

As always while working on a specific period, things may change as I add more issues. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

X-23 v3 20 - Jubilee explains her choice

As for the actual story itself:

Issue 19 is skippable as far Jubilee is concerned, as it’s just a final page reveal.

Issue 20 goes into more detail about how the Schism event is playing out. Jubilee is very prominent in the issue, as she explains why she decided to stay in Utopia instead of siding with her friend and mentor Wolverine (above). Despite the animosity between the two X-Men leaders, it seems likely that they’re allowing Wolverine to ship his blood to Jubilee so she can continue to suppress her vampiric nature. Or Cyclops’ team has found a way to simulate his how his blood was helping her. Either way, somehow they’ve figured out a way to continue her treatment since Warpath refers to it in X-Men volume 3 #22. Ultimately, it’s another good issue focusing on Jubilee and Laura’s friendship. There’s also an exchange between Black Widow and Jubilee that’s kind of amusing (below).

X-23 v3 20 - Jubilee does not bite Black Widow


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