Added FF: Family Freakout

The conclusion to Matt Fraction and team’s Fantastic Four run included the sister title FF volume 2, where Alex Power got a spotlight as a mole for Doctor Doom due to his parents’ capture. FF vol. 2 #9-16, collected in FF: Family Freakout, featured Alex most prominently in the earlier issues of this set and ultimately resolved the subplot. The issues were added to Limbo Part 4 Phase Nine.

FF v2 9 - Alex and the downer ending

FF vol. 2 #9 had 10 pages of Alex Power with the other FF kids as they had fun at a pool party. An enjoyable issue but not too significant. Alex instigated some splashing and roughhousing, hinting at the rift he would create as an agent for Doom later. He was also seen growing a mustache for the first time. This was mostly a stand-alone issue, so it was placed separate from the rest of the issues.

FF vol. 2 #10 had 11 pages of Alex Power, who was commanded by Dr. Doom to kill John Storm, a future version of the Human Torch who suspected Alex was working for Doom. In trying to figure out how to murder someone, Alex and four other FF kids inadvertently freed Maximus the Mad of the Inhumans.

FF v2 10 - Alex thinking about murder

FF vol. 2 #11 had only 1 page of Alex Power as he and the FF kids escape Attilan with Maximus.

FF vol. 2 #12 had 2 pages of Alex Power where he and Maximus were interrupted from killing John Storm.

FF vol. 2 #13 had 3 pages of Alex Power, where Ant-Man revealed to Alex he knew he was a mole.

FF v2 13 - Alex freed and confesses

FF v2 15 - Alex and Ahura save the Power parentsFF vol. 2 #14 had 4 pages of Alex Power, who apologized to and was forgiven by the FF. They all planned to take down Doctor Doom. Alex was chosen to be with the adults. There was a small gap of time around this issue as the Future Foundation prepared to strike the next day, so for now I split up FF vol. 2 #10-14 and FF vol. 2 #15-16.

FF vol. 2 #15 had 2 pages of Alex Power, who successfully freed his parents with the help of Ahura of the Inhumans.

FF vol. 2 #16 had 1 page of Alex Power getting his parents into an ambulance. This issue also had an epilogue story that took place later from the main story. Alex appeared on 1 page at the end of this second story reunited with his freed parents. I placed the second story at the end of Phase Nine.


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