Added X-Men Legacy: For We Are Many

The conclusion to X-Men Legacy volume 2 included cameos by Chamber, who had been a recurring character throughout the series. There wasn’t a lot to his appearances, and one could argue that they ultimately never even happened based of the conclusion of the series. But for completionist sake, I’m including it. These issues were released concurrently with X-Men vol. 4 #7-12 and Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #1-5 but due to guest stars, all three stories couldn’t happen simultaneously. Magneto’s appearance here suggested this story happened before his departure from Cyclops’ team, so I placed it first among the three stories in Phase Ten of Limbo Part 4, but for our purposes it doesn’t matter too much.

X-Men Legacy v2 21 - vision of Chamber and other X-Men or calling them for help

X-Men Legacy vol. 2 #21 has an appearance that normally would not get included. However, the next issue revealed that this panel was when David Haller telepathically called for help. So while it first seemed like a panel where various characters are being represented, it could also be seen as showing these characters receiving his telepathic summon. It’s a single panel of Chamber, and fairly inconsequential either way.

X-Men Legacy vol. 2 #22 showed Chamber on four pages among the crowd of mutants fighting the evil gestalt entity posing as an evil Professor X. During the battle, he was killed, which seemed to effect Frenzy most of all.

In X-Men Legacy vol. 2 #24, Chamber was shown among the people resurrected by David Haller, who then retroactively erased his birth and entire existence. So whether this entire encounter even happened, or was remembered by everyone present as an encounter with someone else, remains to be seen. Since Blindfold remembered him and seemed to have some memory of events, we’ll keep it for now.

X-Men Legacy v2 24 - Chamber restored


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