Added Original Sin

Original Sin 0 - Nova vs Tomazooma 1Marvel’s big event for 2014 was Original Sin by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato. As was the well-established convention by then, the event was focused around a mini-series that told the core story, and was supplemented by satellite stories in miniseries and tie-in issues of ongoing series. Here, we’re only looking at the core story as told in the 8-issue mini-series Original Sin plus the zero issue. Other tie-in comics will be added later.

The event was essentially a murder mystery with the heroes searching to find out who killed the Watcher, the cosmic observer who had befriended Nova in his solo series. During the course of the search, long-kept secrets observed by the Watcher were released.

Nova starred in the special zero issue, which served as a prequel to the event, and then both Sam Alexander and Firestar briefly appeared in the early issues of the mini-series.

Original Sin #0 had 23 pages of Nova, plus another page with his narration only, and then another 3 pages of flashbacks he narrated. This prequel issue by Mark Waid and Jim Cheung starred Sam Alexander as Nova, making it basically a bonus issue of Nova vol. 5 (which had its own tie-in issues to the Original Sin event that will be added in a future update). This issue focused on the friendship between Nova and the Watcher and their individual back stories. It also featured a touching moment with the two connecting over their issues with their fathers. This was the first time Sam got concrete confirmation that his father was still alive, so it was a significant issue. During the story, Sam got a glimpse at the multiverse, and saw alternate reality versions of Firestar, Speedball and his sister (in a reality where she became Nova instead of him). And as seen above, Nova fought the robot Tomazooma.

Original Sin 0 - Nova is happy his father is alive

In Original Sin #2, every hero possible was summoned to bring in the villains thought responsible for killing the Watcher. Among the heroes was Nova and Firestar. Nova appeared on 3 pages, and Firestar on 1 page. Not very significant, as we see most of this from Nova’s perspective in his own solo series when it ties into the event.

Original Sin 2 - Firestar and Nova and other heroes attack suspected murderers of the Watcher

Original Sin #3 picked right up from the cliffhanger ending of the previous issue. Nova (or more accurately his silhouette) appeared on 1 page among the heroes at ground zero for the detonation of “bomb” that revealed secrets known by the Watcher. Each person hit by the explosion saw only a secret that pertained to them. Nova’s discovered secret was revealed in his tie-in issues, which will be added soon. While seen last issue for the big confrontation, Firestar wasn’t visible in this scene at the end of last issue and wasn’t seen in this issue at all. Firestar appeared in issues of Uncanny X-Men vol. 3, which are tie-ins to the event and will be added later.

The rest of the main story played out without the involvement of any New Warriors. I’ve created a new Phase in Volume 5 that will be just for Original Sin stories, similar to what’s been done for previous events on this site. New Warriors vol. 5 did not have any tie-in issues with Original Sin, so there may be some tinkering with where exactly these issues fall in relation to each other.

Original Sin 3 - Nova and others hit by eye bomb

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