Alternate Realities

(under construction)
(Note: Not a complete listing – issues without story titles have yet to be confirmed)
(Note: Issues under consideration for in-continuity are marked with *)

– Age of Apocalypse:

  1. X-Universe #2 (Bandit, Night Thrasher) (behind-the-scenes)

– All-ages Power Pack (series of mini-series, 2005-present):

  1. Power Pack #1 “I Know What We Did That Summer” (Zero-G)
  2. Power Pack #2 “Misadventures in Babysitting” (Zero-G)
  3. Power Pack #3 “Vacation of Doom!” (Zero-G)
  4. Power Pack #4 “End of the Rainbow!” (Zero-G)
  5. X-Men and Power Pack #1 “Costumes On!” (Zero-G)
  6. X-Men and Power Pack #2 “Mind Over Matter” (Zero-G)
  7. X-Men and Power Pack #3 “Big Trouble at the Big Top!” (Zero-G)
  8. X-Men and Power Pack #4 “Leader of the Pack” (Zero-G)
  9. Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! #1 “One for the Ages” (Zero-G)
  10. Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! #2 “The Greate$t Reward” (Zero-G)
  11. Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! #3 “In A New York Minute…” Conquered! Part 1 (Zero-G)
  12. Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! #4 “Pack to the Future!” Conquered Part 2 (Zero-G)
  13. Spider-Man and Power Pack #1 The New Kid Part 1 (Zero-G)
  14. Spider-Man and Power Pack #2 “Sands of Time” The New Kid Part 2 (Zero-G)
  15. Spider-Man and Power Pack #3 “Project: Run Away” Fashion-Sense Tingling Part 1 (Zero-G)
  16. Spider-Man and Power Pack #4 “I Was A Preteen Super-Villain” Fashion-Sense Tingling Part 2 (Zero-G)
  17. Hulk and Power Pack #1 “Hulk Smash” (Zero-G)
  18. Hulk and Power Pack #2 “Energy Crisis” (Zero-G)
  19. Hulk and Power Pack #3 “Stop! Gamma Time!” It’s Not Easy Being Green Part 1 (Zero-G)
  20. Hulk and Power Pack #4 “Hulk Smash Everyone!” It’s Not Easy Being Green Part 2 (Zero-G)
  21. Fantastic Four and Power Pack #1 (Zero-G)
  22. Fantastic Four and Power Pack #2 (Zero-G)
  23. Fantastic Four and Power Pack #3 (Zero-G)
  24. Fantastic Four and Power Pack #4 (Zero-G)

– Avengers Forever realities:

  1. Avengers Forever #6 “In The Meantime, The In-Between Times…” (Justice) (flashback to Marvel-Two-In-One #69)
  2. Avengers Forever #10 “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow…” (Justice)
  3. Avengers Forever #11 “The Destiny War” (Nova, Rage)
  4. Avengers Forever #12 “Avengers Assemble” (Cloak, Darkhawk, Namorita, Nova, Rage, Silhouette)

– Backlash/Spider-Man crossover (Image Comics):

  1. *Backlash/Spider-Man #1 “(untitled)” (Scarlet Spider)
  2. *Backlash/Spider-Man #2 “(untitled)” (Scarlet Spider)

– Dragonbert comic strip (Image Comics):

  1. Savage Dragon #82 (Nova)

– Exiles realities:

  1. Exiles: Days of Then & Now (Speedball)

– Fred Hembeck:

  1. *Fantastic Four Roast #1 (Nova)
  2. Marvel Age # (Nova)

– Guardians of the Galaxy (alternate future of Justice as Vance Astro):

  1. Avengers Forever #6 “In The Meantime, The In-Between Times…” (Justice) (flashback to Marvel-Two-In-One #69)
  2. Avengers Forever #10 “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow…” (Justice)
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy #7 (Justice, Nova)
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy #50 (Justice, Nova)
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 (Justice, Nova)
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #3 (Justice, Nova)
  7. Marvel Two-In-One #68 “Homecoming!” (Justice)
  8. New Warriors #68 “Just Yesterday” Future Shock 1 (Justice)

– League of Losers:

  1. Marvel Team-Up v3 #15 (Darkhawk, Speedball, Turbo)
  2. Marvel Team-Up v3 #16 (Dagger, Darkhawk, Speedball)
  3. Marvel Team-Up v3 #17 (Dagger, Darkhawk, Speedball)
  4. Marvel Team-Up v3 #18 (Dagger, Darkhawk, Speedball)
  5. Marvel Team-Up v3 #25 (Dagger, Darkhawk, Speedball)
  6. Deadpool/GLI – Summer Fun Spectacular #1 (Dagger, Darkhawk, Speedball)

– House of M:

  1. House of M: Avengers #3 (Cloak, Darkhawk, Rage, Speedball, Turbo, Zero-G)
  2. House of M: Avengers #4 (Cloak, Darkhawk, Rage, Speedball, Turbo, Zero-G)

– M2 Universe:

  1. A-Next #1 “Second Coming!” (Speedball)
  2. Last Hero Standing #1 (Nova)
  3. Last Hero Standing #2 (Nova)
  4. Last Hero Standing #3 (Nova)
  5. Last Hero Standing #4 (Nova)
  6. Last Hero Standing #5 (Nova)
  7. Spider-Girl #7 “Secrets” (Nova)
  8. Spider-Girl Annual 1999 (Nova)
  9. Spider-Girl #15 “Swingin’ n’ Slammin’ With Speedball!” (Speedball)
  10. Spider-Girl #16 “The Question–!” (Nova)
  11. Spider-Girl #25 “The Savage Six! (Or Is It Seven?)” (Nova)
  12. Spider-Girl #26 (Nova)
  13. Spider-Girl #27 (Nova)
  14. Spider-Girl #29 “Strange Allies!” (Nova)
  15. Spider-Girl #30 (Nova)
  16. Spider-Girl #32 “Mother’s Day” (Nova)
  17. Spider-Girl #58 “Daddy’s Girl” (Nova)
  18. Spider-Girl #59 (Nova)
  19. Spider-Girl #86 (Nova)
  20. Spider-Girl #87 (Nova)
  21. Spider-Girl #88 (Nova)
  22. Amazing Spider-Girl #15 (Nova)

– Marvel Adventures:

  1. Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #27 (Night-Thrasher)

– Marvel Zombie-verse:

  1. Marvel Zombies #1 (Nova)
  2. Marvel Zombies #2 (Nova)
  3. Marvel Zombies #3 (Nova, Speedball)

– Mary Jane-verse:

  1. Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #3 “The Jealousy Thing” (Firestar)

– Mini-Marvels:

  1. Giant Size Mini-Marvels Starring Spidey #1 “Bullpen Bits #26” (Firestar, Nova)
  2. Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends #1 “Spidey and His Amazing Co-Workers” (Firestar)
  3. Spider-Man and Power Pack #1 Civil Wards Part I (Zero-G)
  4. Spider-Man and Power Pack #2 “A Line in the Sand” Civil Wards Part II (Zero-G)
  5. Spider-Man and Power Pack #3 “Whose Slide Are You On?” Civil Wards Part III (Zero-G)
  6. Spider-Man and Power Pack #4 “The Final Part” Civil Wards Part IV (Zero-G)
  7. Hulk and Power Pack #1 “Lo, There Shall Come… a Go-Cart” (Zero-G)
  8. Hulk and Power Pack #2 “Armageddon Unleashed” (Zero-G)

– Mutant X:

  1. Mutant X Annual 2001 (Nova)

– Spider-Man: 101 Ways to End the Clone Saga:

  1. 101 Ways to End the Clone Saga #1 “101 Ways to End the Clone Saga” (Firestar, Scarlet Spider)

– Spiderman and His Amazing Friends animated TV series

– Spidey Super Stories:

  1. *Spidey Super Stories #41 (Nova)

– U.S. War Machine MAX

– Universe X:

  1. Paradise X #1 (Nova)
  2. Paradise X #9 (Nova)
  3. Paradise X #10 (Nova)
  4. Paradise X #11 (Nova)
  5. Universe X #0 (Nova)
  6. Universe X #2 (Nova)
  7. Universe X #3 (Nova)
  8. Universe X #6 (Nova)
  9. Universe X #9 (Nova)
  10. Universe X #10 (Nova)
  11. Universe X #12 (Nova)
  12. Universe X #X (Nova)
  13. Universe X Omnibus (Nova)

– What If? realities:

  1. What If #15 “What If… Someone Else Had Become Nova?” (Nova)
  2. What If #36 “What If… Richard Rider Had Not Lost the Power of Nova?” (Nova) (Note: The first 3 1/2 pages are in-continuity)
  3. What If…? v2 #9 “What If… The New X-Men Had Died On Their First Mission?” (Namorita)
  4. What If…? v2 #47 (Nova)
  5. What If…? v2 #49 (Nova)
  6. What If…? v2 #61 (Nova)
  7. What If…? v2 #81 (Bandit, Night Thrasher)
  8. What If…? v2 #86 “What If The Scarlet Spider Had Killed Spider-Man?” (Firestar, Justice, Scarlet Spider, Speedball II, Turbo, Zero-G)
  9. What If…? v2 #108 “The Greatest Sacrifice” (Firestar, Justice)
  10. What If… Jessica Jones Had Joined The Avengers? #1 “What If Jessica Jones Had Joined The Avengers?” (Firestar, Justice)
  11. What If: Annihilation (Cloak, Dagger, Nova)
  12. What If: Civil War (Cloak, Dagger, Speedball/Penance)

– What The universe:

  1. What The #9 (Nova)
  2. What The #11 (Nova)
  3. What The #15 (Nova)
  4. What The #23 (Nova)
  5. What The #24 (Nova)

– misc. realities & appearances:

  1. Captain Marvel v4 #18 (Nova)
  2. Defenders v3 #4 “It’s Dormammu’s World — You’re Just Living In It!” (Speedball)
  3. Fantastic Four animated TV series (Darkhawk, Justice, Namorita, Speedball)
  4. Iron Man v3 #306 (Nova) (dream sequence)
  5. Once A Hero TV series (Firestar)
  6. Silver Surfer animated TV series (Nova)
  7. Wedding of Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson at Shea Stadium [live re-enactment] (Firestar)


  • David Gallaher  On December 3, 2006 at 1:10 pm

    Also according to Wikipedia:

    More apperances by Firestar:

    * In a scene toward the end of the short lived TV series Once A Hero, Captain Justice returns to the “Real Earth” and a group of comic book characters can be seen cheering for him. The group included Spider-Woman, Firestar, and Skeletor.

    * In 1987, Marvel Comics decided to re-enact the wedding of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson with live-action characters on the field at Shea Stadium. Live actors portrayed Spider-Man, Iceman, Firestar, The Hulk, and Captain America.

  • Darkhawk  On February 10, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    For Marvel Zombies:
    Speedball in #3 I believe. You can see him getting thrown off-panel. I discussed it at the forum.

  • DH the Lurker  On May 2, 2007 at 8:30 am

    League of Losers also appear in Marvel Team-Up #25

  • DH the Lurker  On August 12, 2007 at 3:14 am

    will all the Major Victory/Vance Astro appearences be included eventually?

  • Corey  On August 12, 2007 at 8:40 pm

    Eventually yes definitely.

  • PaxHouse  On January 11, 2008 at 11:58 am

    By now… already know about the recent Alt. Reality appearances of some of the Warriors toward the end of the year {and the beginning of the New 😉 }….

    But JIC……

    FANTASTIC FOUR/POWER PACK #1-#4…..Zero-G within all four issues.

    HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS #3…..Zero-G{plus his sister Lightspeed}, Rage, Speedball, Turbo{Mickey} & Darkhawk.

    EXILES: DAYS OF THEN & NOW…..Speedball {w/ Lightspeed}.

    WHAT IF….CIVIL WAR #1 …..Cloak & Dagger {plus some other Warriors, in which I’ll have to re-check}.

  • Corey  On January 11, 2008 at 2:15 pm


    I’m not following non-continuity appearances as closely as I used to, so I’m definitely going to need help on this page for a while.

  • PaxHouse  On January 12, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    That’s understandable, Corey…..

    After all, you do have other things to focus on….so, any info from us NW Fans/Readers is probably a big help for you….. 😉

    Oh, and BTW…..I re-checked WHAT IF..??….CIVIL WAR and the only former Warrior that you can add is SPEEDBALL{or should I say…PENANCE..?!?!… 😡 }…..

  • PaxHouse  On January 14, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    Here’s a recent appearance from the MC2’S Universe that’s been overlooked…..

    NOVA within AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #15….. 8)

  • Corey  On January 14, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    I didn’t even know he had appeared in the new Spider-Girl yet. Cool. Added it. Thank you!

  • Corey  On January 14, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    If anyone is able to work out a temporary order for the M2 stuff, that would be awesome. It doesn’t have to be exact. I don’t have enough of them to really even guess.

  • PaxHouse  On February 2, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    And here’s another Alt. Real. appearance made within this Comic…..


    CLOAK{w/o DAGGER, of course… :p}

  • Corey  On February 2, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    Great, added it. Thank you!

  • PaxHouse  On March 3, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    And now…’re the latest Alternate Reality appearances of some of the New Warriors; but first a little correction….

    CLOAK didn’t appeared within HoM:Avengers #3… 😦

    However, the following “Warriors” did appeared within HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS #5….{Conclusion of Mini}


    …..And although I’ve checked the entire issue thoroughly…..sorry, No DARKHAWK…!! 😡

  • Jeph!  On March 26, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    In addition to your listing Dead Nova’s appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #3, in a pin-up showing a scene from the war of the Worlds, Dead Namorita is there too.

    I don’t know why you list Justice as appearing, though. By that, do you mean that Major Victory appears, and he’s an “alternate Justice”?

    I’ve been reading all the GOTG issues I can get my hands on to see if there are any flashbacks to pre-MTIO #69 moments (i.e., flashbacks to Major Victory’s past that might also be canon to “our” Justice). I haven’t found any yet (although I’ve found some mentions of new events and situations in their shared past), but I’m missing a big chunk of issues. What about you, have you been looking?


  • Corey  On March 28, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    A lot of the Nova entries are taken from Doug Smith’s and aren’t necessarily confirmed. That’s definitely the case in that issue as I don’t have Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #3. (Or if I do, I’ve forgotten that I have it.) I typically don’t include dead bodies as appearances, so I’ll take Nova off of that one.

    Justice is listed for the Major Victory/Vance Astro appearance. On this page, I list them here under their name(s) that we refer to them in the primary Marvel Universe.

    You’re ahead of me on the Guardians of Galaxy back-issue hunting. That’s something I wanted to do eventually but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’d definitely be curious to see if you find any ‘canon’ scenes.

  • Jeff  On June 1, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    Namorita is also in that Fantastic Four animated episode. She is shown leaping out of the water in a separate scene from the one the other Warriors are in.

  • Jeff  On August 28, 2010 at 6:38 am

    A sort of out of continuity other comic company guest appearance that I haven’t seen on the site anywhere: Speedball and Rage appear (not in costume) in Acclaim Comic’s “Troublemakers” #5, written of course by Fabian Nicieza.

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