New Warriors Digital Comics

In case you hadn’t heard, the digital comics revolution is happening. And the New Warriors haven’t been left out.

Follow the links to read digital versions of classic New Warriors stories direct from Marvel Comics’ Digital Comics Shop. (Or you can subscribe to the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and get unlimited access to a huge selection of titles for a reasonable monthly rate. However, note that not all digital comics are available in both the Digital Comics Shop and the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited library. The below are just for the new Digital Comics Shop.)

  1. New Warriors #1 “From the Ground Up!”
  2. Thor #411 “The Gentleman’s Name is Juggernaut!” Acts of Vengeance
  3. Thor #412 “Introducing… the New Warriors!” Acts of Vengeance
  4. New Warriors #2 “Mirror Moves”
  5. New Warriors #3 “I Am, Therefore I Think”
  6. New Warriors #4 “Genetech Potentials”
  7. New Warriors #5 “The Man Who Stole Tomorrow”
  8. New Warriors #6 “The Inhuman Condition”

UPDATE: For more, check out the Digital Comics page.