New Additions: New Warriors #2, Nova #4, Deadpool/GLI & more

Added to the Conundrum: last week’s New Warriors #2 and this week’s Nova #2 and Deadpool/GLI – Summer Fun Spectacular #1.

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New Addition: Code of Honor #1 & correction

While doing more Appearance Info entries for Namorita, I stumbled across a couple of chronology matters I’ve never gotten around to over the years.

The first is moving Marvel Two-In-One #2 to after Sub-Mariner #68 & 69 and before Sub-Mariner #70. This has been fixed on Namorita’s page and in Phase One of the History page.

The second change is the addition of Code of Honor #1. It includes an appearance by Namorita. This is truly a text book example of an appearance for completionists only. Namorita appears in one single panel flying beside Namor the Sub-Mariner. She says nothing and is pretty easy to miss while flipping through the issue. The issue, and indeed the entire mini-series, takes place during Marvel’s 1970s and ’80s comic books, similar to the famous Marvels mini-series taking place during Marvel comics from the 1940s and 1960s. The panel with Nita seems to take place immediately after the end of Marvel Two-In-One #2, published in 1973. Obscure and inconsequential – the very stuff websites are built on. The issue has been added to Phase One of History, and Namorita’s page and Checklist.