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Rare New Warriors Sketch Cards

Cartoonist Fred Hembeck (Petey Parker, Marvel Age, Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe) has created wonderful New Warriors sketch cards. These one-of-a-kind trading cards depict the original 6 New Warriors in their costumes from New Warriors #1. They’re available now on eBay until the auctions end on April 13, starting at $6.99 each, so get them while you can. Click the image to be taken to each character’s auction page.

Fred Hembeck wrote and drew the first chronological appearance of Speedball in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11 “With Babysitting Comes Great Responsibility!!”, one of his Petey stories of Peter Parker the future Spider-Man as a kid. He also wrote and drew Nova in a couple of issues of Marvel Age where Rich Rider explained his return and the name confusion with Frankie Raye. Nova by Hembeck also appeared in the Fantastic Four Roast.


J is for Justice

Artist/graphic designer Fabian Gonzalez has made a neat poster called ABC Superheroes. And our own Justice (aka Vance Astrovik) was used for the letter J, appearing alongside Superman, Batman, Wolverine and other iconic heroes.

Can you identify all of them?

If you’d like to add this unique appearance to your collection, you can buy different sized prints starting at $13.99, as well as hoodies, t-shirts and other goodies.

(Via Comics Alliance)

Ben Reilly joins Super Hero Squad

Also at this weekend’s Toy Fair, Hasbro displayed their expanding Super Hero Squad toy line. Among the Spider-Man focused characters was Ben Reilly in his Spider-Man costume. Superhero Times again has pictures.

See the Ben Reilly Spider-Man figure

New Minimates: Nova, Cloak & Dagger

At this weekend’s American International Toy Fair in New York City, Art Asylum debuted their next series of Marvel Minimates. Toy news site Superhero Times has pictures from the trade show which show that the line-up will include Cloak & Dagger, as well as Nova in his current costume. The Nova Minimate appears to come with a replacement head of Richard Rider without his helmet. A Minimate of Rich’s occasional girlfriend Gamora is also part of the line-up. Release dates are not yet known. (UPDATED with better pictures)

See the Nova Minimate (close-up of Rich Rider head)

See the Cloak Minimate

See the Dagger Minimate

Nova action figure in January

The Nova Prime Page reported yesterday that the Nova action figure from Hasbro is currently scheduled for a January 2008 release as part of their Marvel Legends Series 4 line, priced at $14.99 each. The line was originally announced this past summer at the San Diego Comic-Con International with an intended December release.

The figure can currently be pre-ordered through Diamond Comics’ November catalog.

Nova action figure and tumbler

Hasbro’s 4th series of Marvel Legends action figures will feature Nova, according to Toyfare Magazine‘s website. The line is getting officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con International, which started today and continues until Sunday. The figures are scheduled for a December release. The line also includes Black Bolt of the Inhumans, the Punisher, Beast as seen in Astonishing X-Men, Tigra of the Avengers, and Daredevil in his original yellow costume. Each figure will come with a piece of a larger figure that, when assembled, forms Nemesis from the Age of Apocalypse event. Click on the picture for a closer look.

This marks the second time that an action figure of Richard Rider has been released, but technically the first time a figure of Nova has been released. The 1998 figure from the Silver Surfer line was called “Super Nova” to avoid confusion with a figure of the other Nova, Frankie Raye. Not the first time Rich’s name was altered because of Frankie. When The New Warriors first debuted, Rich’s super-identity was temporarily modified to Kid Nova for the same reason.

Also in the pipeline is a glass tumbler featuring Nova from PopFun Merchandising’s Toon Tumblers line. The tumbler comes in two variations: clear or frosted. Both will retail for $10.99 and will ship to stores in August. Originally previewed at the New York Comic-Con back in February, one has to wonder why we didn’t hear about this sooner. Come on Warrior fans, we’ve got to help each other out! Keep your eyes open.

Strange as it may sound, this isn’t the first time Nova has been on the side of a drinking cup. Back in 1977, the Human Rocket was featured on plastic cups sold exclusively at 7-Eleven convenience stores. This collectors item still shows up on ebay.

Other Nova merchandise of interest: A bust of Nova was released in 2005 by Bowen Designs.

Firestar bust coming in December

Diamond Select Toys is releasing a 6-inch bust of Firestar in her original costume. The bust, sculpted by Steve Kiwus, will include a Certificate of Authenticity and a hand-numbered base. Only 2,000 copies of the bust are being produced. A release date of late December ’07 has been announced, with a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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Firestar bust

Diamond Select had a Firestar bust on display during the recent ToyFair. No word yet on when it’s getting released, but here’s a look at it.

New trading card set features Firestar

SciFi Hobby is releasing a new trading card set called The Complete Avengers: 1963-Present that will include a hand-drawn and colored sketch card in each pack. Some of these sketch cards feature Firestar: Mahmud A. Asrar (see pages 5, 13, 19, 21 & 28), Darren Auck (pages 25 & 26), Jeff Chandler (pages 11 & 14), Ray Dillon (pages 3 & 29), Renae Deliz (pages 7, 8, 20, 29, 37 & 38), Brent Engstrom (page 20), Otis Frampton (page 8), Matthew Goodmanson (pages 4, 7, 15, 21, 23), Don Hillsman II (pages 11, 15 & 26), Tom Hodges (pages 4 & 26), Brian Kong (page 9), Jim Kyle (pages 7, 11, 19 & 29), Mike Lilly (page 9), Dave Lynch (pages 5, 12, 13, 15 & 16), Rich Molinelli (pages 2, 10, 17 & 33), Brandon McKinney (pages 10, 11, 12, 25 & 31), Warren Martineck (page 14), Tom Nguyen (pages 1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15), Tony Perna (page 2), Tyler Richlen (page 2), Scott Rosema (page 5), Ricardo Ratton (pages 27, 28 & 29), Tone Rodriguez (pages 7, 9 & 16), Uko Smith (pages 8, 31 & 32), Jason Sobol (page 25), Eddie Vieira (pages 9, 16 & 23), and Jeff Welborn (page 9). Thanks to David Gallaher for the tip.

Warriors in Marvel HeroClix: Supernova

WizKids’ Marvel HeroClix: Supernova game series has been released. The full New Warriors-related line-up has been revealed. Links to WizKids’ official pages for each figure follows:

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Night Thrasher HeroClix revealed

The official Marvel HeroClix site has posted an image of the Night Thrasher figure for the Supernova set of HeroClix. For a run-down of his stats and other information, click here, here and here. The release date for the set has been moved to November. Thanks to ryanamandaanna for posting about this at the New Warriors Dot Com forum.

Annihilation t-shirt announced

Nova will be front and center for a new Marvel t-shirt, according to the Nova Prime Page. The shirt, which uses the cover of Annihilation: Prologue, is scheduled to ship to stores in December. Pricing will be $17.99 for small to extra large shirts, and $20.99 for extra-extra large. The NPP has a larger scan of the image.

New HeroClix: Night Thrasher, Justice & Nova

According to a poster on the New Warriors Dot Com Forums, InQuest Gamer magazine #139, released today, has announced the line-up of the characters for HeroClix: Supernova, the latest series in the game. New Warriors related figures are Night Thrasher in his original armor, Justice from his Avengers tenure, and two versions of Nova (one in his brown and yellow costume, and one in his original blue and gold costume). Pictures will be posted once they are released. The figures will be released some time this month. See the official HeroClix website for more information.
UPDATE: The Nova Prime Page has posted a scan of the two Nova figures.

Civil War t-shirt

Nova Prime Page reports that Marvel is releasing a Civil War t-shirt in November using the Civil War promo image seen in the “Director’s Cut” of Civil War #1 and on the cover of the upcoming Civil War Files. Nova, Cloak & Dagger, Namorita, Microbe and Speedball are all visible in the image.