New Warriors-related comics for June

Marvel Comics released solicitations for comics shipping in June. The highlights: New Warriors concludes its third story arc, “Thrashed,” as the team’s leader is missing when they need him most. Nova‘s clash against Galactus and the Silver Surfer continues. Power Pack: Day One concludes the brand new origin of the youngest super-heroes! Plus, the Thunderbolts, a new Official Handbook hardcover edition, and more new collections. Read on…!

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New Warriors-related comics for May

Marvel Comics has released their listings for comics to be released in May 2008. The New Warriors #12 ends the first year and third story arc of the series with the team in peril and only Night Thrasher able to help. Nova #13 begins the 3-part story pitting the Human Rocket against the world-eater Galactus and his herald, the Silver Surfer. Power Pack: Day One #3 continues the new origin. Plus, another Thunderbolts one-shot, more recruits for Avengers: The Initiative and several reprint collections of note. Read on…!

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New Warriors-related comics for April

Marvel Comics today released their solicitations for comic books shipping in April. Of interest is New Warriors #11, where the team’s distrust of Night Thrasher grows, Nova #12 pulls Nova back into Annihilation: Conquest for the final issue of that mini-series, and the new Power Pack origin continues in Power Pack: Day One #2. Plus, Penance: Relentless is collected, updated Handbook entries in a new premiere hardcover, a What If? collection, and an old Cloak & Dagger guest appearance is reprinted in New Mutants Classics Vol. 3.

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New Warriors-related comics for March ’08

Marvel Comics has released information for comics shipping in March. Night Thrasher’s hidden plans are revealed in New Warriors #10. A new story begins in Nova #11, bringing the Human Rocket back to Annihilation: Conquest. The “Killed in Action” story concludes in Avengers: Initiative #11, and there may not be a lot of survivors. A prison break tears apart the Thunderbolts. And Power Pack: Day One #1 reveals the new origin of the youngest super-team. Plus, the Initiative and more is detailed in the Marvel Atlas #2.

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New Warriors-related comics for February ’08

Marvel solicitations for February 2008 have been released. Not as big of a month as in months past, but still plenty to check out. The next New Warriors story arc begins with Sofia on her first mission. The first Nova Annual is released. A death in the Avengers: The Initiative cast! The conclusion of Iron Man & Power Pack. Plus another Thunderbolts one-shot, Cloak in House of M: Avengers, Ultimate Firestar meets Magneto in Ultimate Spider-Man, and the beginning of a hardcover series collecting and updating Official Handbook profiles from 2004 to the present!

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New Warriors-related comics for January

Marvel Comics has released solicitations for comics shipping January 2008.

Be warned: the solicits for New Warriors volume 4 #8 all but outright state the identity of the person currently wearing the Night Thrasher armor. While a plot twist or curve ball is still possible, please read at your own risk.

With that in mind, it’s another busy month for the New Warriors. Night Thrasher vs. Midnight’s Fire, plus the return of Silhouette. Nova vs. Gamora – they’ll either make up or kill each other while lost in deep space. Penance vs. Nitro. Possibly the debut of Ultimate Firestar. Plus, the first trade paperback collection of the new New Warriors series, called either Defiant or The Next Right Thing. And more…

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New Warriors-related comics for December

Marvel Comics has released solicitations for comics shipping in December ’07. New Warriors #7, with its moody cover featuring Night Thrasher, focuses on Sofia. Nova #9 continues the new story-arc of Nova heading deep into uncharted space. In Penance: Relentless #4, the former Speedball confronts Dr. Doom. Power Pack celebrates Christmases past in the Marvel Holiday Special 2007. Slapstick makes the cover of Avenger: Initiative #8 as graduation day looms. Meanwhile, Iron Man & Power Pack and Annihilation: Conquest continue with their second issues. Plus, What If? Civil War and more.

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